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A Christmas Gift for A Special Gardener

Gardeners never forget about gardening. We just bide our time during the long winter months. We dream and plan, eagerly waiting for the first signs of Spring. As soon as the winter holidays are gone, its time to pull out the catalogs and start making lists.

Does this bring a special gardener to mind? Perhaps you have been wondering what to get him or her for Christmas? Have you thought about putting together a gardening basket for that special gardener? With a little ingenuity, a pretty basket full of surprises will be a delight to any gardener.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Begin with a pretty wicker basket. The basket will be wonderful next summer for picking flowers and vegetables. Line the basket with holiday paper. Then as a focal point, add a hummingbird feeder. Everyone loves to feed and watch the hummingbirds in the summer.

Then add a couple of gardening tools (may be hard to find this time of year). Do you have a bright pair of gardening gloves you can add? Do you have a favorite gardening catalog you order from every year? Buy a gift card from this company and ask them to include an extra catalog for your gardener’s basket. Then add a couple more of your favorite catalogs to the basket.

How about sharing one or two of your favorite gardening magazines? Don’t forget a pretty bookmark. Wow! Your basket is getting full. Now its time to share some of your own garden treasures. Finish filling your basket with seeds from your own garden(s). These will be very special to the recipient of the gardening basket. Carefully label sealable plastic bags with the names of the plants, including a brief description (color, size of flowers, etc.). Then put the seed packets either in colorful Christmas bags or small boxes wrapped with Christmas paper.

Add your own personal touches and then as one last suggestion, take your gardening basket to your local florist and ask them to wrap your basket in red paper, perhaps adding a Christmas bow for the very final touch.

We hope we have given you some good ideas for that special gardener in your life. And we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year, from the Cheatham County Master Gardeners. Comments or questions, contact us at

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