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Leadership Cheatham Participates in History Day

The Leadership Cheatham County class participated in its most recent educational day around the county December 4, this month focusing on the history of Cheatham County. The class traveled throughout the county, learning about its formation, civil war involvement and up through present day.

The class began the day at the Cheatham County Museum in Ashland City, where it heard from former County Mayor Bill Orange about the process that formed Cheatham County, how Ashland City came to be the county seat and the history of the county courthouse. The class then visited Mays Bluff and Mound Bottom, in the south end of the county, before visiting the grave site of Issac Jones and the Union Army Entrenchments.

The class then got a tour of the historical sites on the north end of the county, including the Sycamore Valley, “Stormy Castle” which is the oldest home in the county and the Century Farm. The class finished its day back at the Cheatham County Museum where each class member made individual presentations about various historical sites around the county.

Now in its 17th year, LCC’s purpose continues to be focused on the enhancement of individual leadership skills, abilities and community knowledge while fostering a free exchange of ideas and concerns. In addition LCC aims to help develop a positive, cohesive community image and foster attitudes of increased commitment, cooperation and participation within our community for the long-term benefit of Cheatham County.

The LCC program consists of nine monthly seminars, group discussions, field trips and retreats that address various issues of importance in Cheatham County. Participants will view and gain a hands-on knowledge of the county’s history, agriculture and tourism offerings, in addition to seeing how the education system, businesses and industry, safety services and government operations all work together within Cheatham County and its four cities.

Each participant will also be involved in the development of a group project that will benefit the county as a whole. Previous classes have completed such projects as the development of the county-wide fire plan, the county animal control facility, satellite early voting locations and the Cheatham Vision Plan among many others.

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