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New Commission Takes a Seat

City Attorney Larry Craig swears in Tony Gross, Glenn Remick and Bob Stohler as Kingston Springs City Commissioners


The Kingston Springs City Commission met in regular session last Thursday night.

There was an actual audience on hand to welcome the three new commissioners on hand to be sworn in and join the table for the first time. City Attorney Larry Craig swore them in, and then Tony Gross, Glenn Remick and Bob Stohler took their seats.

Next came time to elect a Mayor and Vice Mayor to serve for 2 years. Gary Corlew nominated (long time former Mayor) Tony Campbell for the seat he is very familiar with. Glenn Remick made the 2nd, and nominations ceased with a unanimous yes.

Tony Gross then nominated Gary Corlew for Vice-Mayor, 2nd by Tony Campbell, unanimous approval.

During the meeting there was second reading of Ordinance 12-006 amending the 2012-2013 budget. The simple ‘housekeeping’ changes were approved unanimously after no comment during the public hearing.

There are some vacancies on the Kingston Springs Planning Commission, to be filled by Mayor Campbell. The term will be from January 2013 – January 2016. One of the vacancies will need to be a 6th district county resident.If you would like more information, contact City Manager Laurie Cooper at City Hall, 952-2110 ext. 15.

Resolution 12-005 concerning $25 mechanical & plumbing permits for new construction including additions was approved unanimously. Call city hall at 952-2110 for further details and information.

David Risner, Assistant to the city attorney, went over the town’s Junk Car ordinance. Commissioners will be tweaking the current ordinance before pursuing removal of junk cars within the town.

There was also discussion brought up by Commissioner Glenn Remick concerning a left turn signal from East Kingston Springs Rd. to Harpeth View Trail. There are lots of traffic problems during school times that would likely be alleviated by such a turn signal. Commissioners asked Cooper to check into costs.

The Kingston Springs City Commission meets the third Thursday of each month at 7p.m. in the Beck Town Meeting Hall. The public is invited to attend.

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