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PES News: 12-19-12 (and Letters to Santa)

Student of the Week Dec. 14th: Noah Zerkle, Cherish Minis, Kensley Gipson, Emma Burgess, Cayden Turner, Dylan Adams, Blessing Minis, Cayden Denning, Alyssa Brewer, Lane Ola, Brenden Huffines, Ansley Walker, Zach Carter, Rachel Sullivan , Mallary McKaskle, Ava Cirigliano, William Miller, Faith Cronk, Will Collier

Letters to Santa:

The S. C. Advocate likes to help out as much as possible this time of year, and thanks to the good folks at Pegram Elementary School we are able to help Santa this year as well. We have a BUNCH of letters to Santa with Christmas requests from some PES students. Parents: Please pass these along to Santa!

Ms. Femino’s 1st Grade Class

Dear Santa,

I would like toys for Christmas. If I got this toys I could play we it. I would also like to have it a lot. I want this because I like it bbecause it fun to play we. Sincerely – Alexis

I would lik lego ninjoge for Christmas. If I got this I could play with it. I would also like lego spiderman. I want this because I like toys. Sincerely – Bradden

I would like a wario doll for Chrismis. I would like a Ford truck for Christmas. I would like a wario cart for Christmis. I would want to play with the toys that I want from Santa. – Kevin

I would like a big hose stable for Christmas. If I got this I could put my hoses in it. I would also like a Big pises casl with pises. I want this because to put thim in it. – Emily Madison Rose

I would like 15 water botuls for Christmas. If I got this I could I would also like 5 more water Botuls and I could mack a starts out of them. Sincerely – Allie

I would like is a Pokemon kards for Christmas. If I got it I would shar with my brothers and I would play with them. And I would also want Batman things and I would shar with thim. Sincerely – KC Brouuer

I would like a firetruck for Christmas. If I got this I could play with it. It would also like a NINJogo Lego. I want this because its cool. Sincerely – Clayton

I would like a bobcat for Christmas. If I got this I could play with it. I would also like a mocktrole backoe with one diger. I want this because I like traters. Sincerely – Frank

I would like toyscare for Christmas. If I got this I would I could play. I would also like for wilre. I want this because I could ride it. Sincerely – Dylan

I would like a baby doll that lafts and cris for Christmas. If I got this I could I would also like a skuter. Sincerely – Anna Katelin Greer

I would like cake popmaker for Christmas. If I got this I could. I would also like. I want this because I love it. – Maliayah Mrey Smith

I would like a legs. If I got this I could play with my legs. – Tony

Katherine McLeod 1st Grade

I want a iPad and a flat screen tv for xbox and a chiar and a dirt bike and a bike and a xbox. And a cenconler for xbox and some clothes. I want a fol pak of pencils and some buks and a fone that has ituns and the play star and some gamas, and a globe and a laptop. – Dakoda

(Dakoda’s Part 2:)

Dear Santa, I have been nice this year. I helpt my friends with math. I want a dirt bike and a wwe. Love – Dakoda

I ben nice this year. I ben helping my dad with the garden. And I want a xbox 360 toy trucks and a pet fish. – Johnathan

I wan a D.S. and A skateboard and A Big fire Truck and A good tare and A crash game and A Big Moster Truck and A canchloe car and A cop car. Love – JJ Conners

I was nice. I help friends. A holle kitty planeket. A hello kitty head ban. A hello kitty earrings. A hello kitty head phones. A coler dreamlight unicorn. A holle kitty makeup. A hello kitty dress. A hello kitty jakit. I love – Ema

I have bine good. I whant a jewelry box sofftboll bag sofftballhamit a lolle doll Love – Blessing

I am wanting a xbox 360 and a D. S. and a D. S. I and a show. Love – LeeRoy

I have bin good. Can I have a hello kitte makeup set and hello kitty bres and a ipod and a latkp. Santa, I love you Santa. Tel miss klos I sed hi. – Amari

I have been nice. I helped someone tie their shoe. For Christmas I want Caroline Abbot. Love – Morgan

I have been nice this year. I donated food to my neighbor. I want a Taylor Swift doll. Love – Tori

Vickie Parman’s 1st Grade Class

My name is Breonna. I am 6 years old. I am nice. I want a toy owl and I want my own makeup and a toy dinosaur and a toy of you Santa, and I want a toy raindear. – Breonna Huffines

7 year old Abigail Plumlee wants the same as Breonna, except she also wants one toy.

My name is Cayden. I am 6 years old. I want a skylandr. I have bin good. – Cayden Denning

My name is Luke. I am 6 years old. I have ben good today. I want a big truck and a big car and a huge armeey set. – Luke Miller

My name is Larry, I am 6 years old and I have been good at home. I want a Jack it and Skylandr. – Larry Sanders

7 year old Jayla has also “bin nis”. And she wants “a esey bake uvin and a Barbie that can take pichrs and a Barbie doll that is named Kara and one that is namd torrey from Barbie the priccus and the pop star that can sing. – Jayla Donnelly

7 year old MiKayla and wants “a toy fhone and some fack makeup for Christmas because I have ben good for Christmas so I can get some presdents from you, but I stil love you so so so so so so much so peas bing mehwat I want for you and I wish you a mery Christmas to santa clos we all love you. – Mikayla Hargi

7 year old Dallas wants “a Kndl fiyre and Ninjago.” – Dallas Allen

6 year old Lucas has been “nise, I want a Lego star wrs set and some star wars figer.” – Lucas Hamilton

6 Year Old Gracie McDonald wants a globe “so I can see the hole world! Thank you! Because I love you!”

6 year old Bryson Choate wants a “Math Welham bike and a video.”

6 year old Callie Cliburn wants a “gold Barbie doll and Suf animal and makup.”

7 year old Emma Hunt wants a “Big stuft animal name roodoff and a good christmas and lost of toys.”

6 year old Nate Williams wants a “mokincuntro helicopter and a mokincuntro car and a cuntroler and a mokintrol arplan.”

Mrs. Shannon Schliwa’s 1st Grade

I want so much maybe I should give something to you. I want a Life Like creature toy that doesn’t run on batteries and lots of stuff. It’s so much to remember and I believe in you its sad if some people don’t. I have one question. How do you go through all and all and all and all of those places in one night. Well mery Christmas. – Love Neil

Gianna wants “a American Girl doll, Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair, and that all I want”

Briana wants “Elf on the Shelf, My twin doll, American Girl doll and a lalaloopsy doll.”

Cainan wants “Sponge wii gams and Ds gams.”

Bentley wants a “power Ranger, Samauri 4 movie, Elf on a Shelf.”

Eason wants “Power Ranger Samauri 4. I want Antonin and Mia and Emily. Sport DS Game”.

Destini wants “My life as a pony, color castle, My twin doll, American girl doll”.

Madison wants “Elf on the Shelf, My Twin doll, American Girl doll, Mia and the Tower Ragers, and Lalaloopsy doll.”

Calle wants an “American girl doll, and toy cat, and a lalaloopsy doll.”

Tucker wants “Thomas Trains and Parts, a new Train table” to go with it.

Alyssa wants a “DS, Lalaloopsy, TV, American Girl Doll, My Twin doll.”

Elizabeth wants “a laptop, and a glamour gecko”.

Lori Clayton’s 2nd Grade

Shyla wants “My own room, a ipod, a iphone, a puppie and a pony and more purse.”

Seth wants “Lego Batman, 1 Wii college football playstashon 2, Mario Kart 7 wii, and my two front teeth.”

Hunter wants “a DS with a game and I want legos and a tablet, a blue tablet and lots of candy.

Ashley wants “to take a ride with you. A furreal friend/baby butter sochch. And ds games and a trampoline.”

Deacon wants a “pokemon toy, 18 lego men, 16 poke’mon games for my ds. And I want the mareo cart 7 game for my ds.”

Lane wants a “toy titanic and a toy helicopter, a lego titanic and rr tank.”

Shelby wants “a ipod, a bike, a laptop, a ride, some games and sneker, a playhouse.”

Alex wants a “dog and a peavushoot and a new skooter.”

Abby wants a “little pet shop and a big bean bag and Monster High dolls, Barbie dolls.”

Austin wants “a bike and a nerf gun”.

Josie wants “stuff for my pony, cowgirl stuff for my new room. I want a gloastic glow kit, horse wall stickers.”

Hailey wants a “trampoleen, art set, stompies – be ba bunny, Bata-fish”.

Colby wants an “xbox and a pair of wadrs, and a plastasi 2 and 3, and games and xbox games.”

Jackson wants a b-b gun, a box of pinceles, a can of iceing, markers and B-Bs.

Kaden wants a “gocart and 22 riful.”

Lucas wants a “3DS and a Ipod and $100.00, How are the reindeer doing?”

Alyssa wants “a WiFi, I want some new earings, I want some new Scooby movies, I want a playstation 3, I want some dolls. I want a robot dog. I want a cook.”

Benji wants an “Ipod touch, candy, football, soccerball, gitar, micker phone.”

Dottie wants an “amarken girl doll and a toy horse, and a baby brother, and a cindel fier.”

Lori Johnson’s 2nd Grade

Fiona wants “a puppy, a sowing machine, a mistery present and a girls makeover at school.”

John wants “lego yodu and luke skywalker, stuffed animals and darth moll and a puppie, star wars movies, a wii, super morieo brothers 2 and a three de D.S.”

Tabitha wants “a old navy jackit and a baby doll and a bear and a elf on a shelf and a blankit with cookie monster and a wii and a puppie and kittin and toys and super maro brothers 2 and games.”

Reagan wants a makeover for the girls, Then I would like just dance 4. And for my class a elf on the shelf named Alex.”

Jamelyn wants “Just dance 4 and makeup and finger-nail polish and a inno tab 2 and sparkly shoes and sparkly dress and a baby kitty.”

Sarah wants “more DS games and a porchicees water dog and a miney pig.”

Chloe wants “a baby alive and a Ipod and stopes that are purpele and footes that are porpel and anletrec scooter and a house make out of cande canda.”

Daniel wants “a 4 wheeler and a call duty blacktops the new game.”

Drake wants a “Thomas playset, and a Thomas train and a magic spellbook.”

Noah wants “a car helicopter shooter romot control, marbull set. Bass master batt and the bag. A mistery present, a fort, Recet Ralf the movie.

Trey wants a “Wii or a Play Stashun, WWE cards and the rundler Kane, a skateboard and a razer.

Abby wants a “baby alive, ipone, ipad, puppy faotes, a house make of candy, goto JB’s, fancy clothes.”

Brenden wants Lego batman, a toy monster truck.”

Sasha wants “Deam lights, clothes, miker phone, Just dance 4, office, I wish I was a grown up too.”

Hallie L wants a snake.

T. J. wants “WWE Toys, rumblers and a punching budy and a wall chrack”.

Kaitlynn wants “a Mario Galizy Wii, donkey kong country returns, a (fake) car, mocuntroll car, a big Dinosaur, a sister, toys for Meme, a baby and stroller and when I wake up I want a candy cane in my hand.”

Logan wants “a dart bord and a trampleen and pockemon cards”.

Kathy Rubin’s 2nd Grade

Braedon wants an “ipad and thank you Santa for giving evrebody in the hol wid world presents.”

Logan wishes Santa, Ms. Claus and the elves a “grat day, see you soon.”

Jaden wants for Santa to give “homes to the poor and presents, then help yourself to cookies.” He also asked Santa to “help my Pops of smoking. Please be with my mom as she has a baby. Can you be with my family at Christmas. Can you be with the poor children on the stret.”

Tamera wants a bunny, and a hamster, and a “pratise supply of makeup to practice on people.”

Cam wants an Ipod, call of Duty Black ops town, xbox , anger birds xbox, toy cars, a new net for my trampoline.”

A.J. wants an “xbox, an Ipad computer and a 3DS”.

Ava wants a puppy for her and her sister. “My dad always says two dogs are enough, but rundy is just like an old man!”

Chloe wants is “Monster Hight that is Abby, an Ipod Touch and a big horse book.”

Nolan wants a “computer at mom’s house”.

Kya wants Santa to “give children things that they need to survive and to live. I have some things in the dinning room for you to give to other kids that want toys”. For herself she wants the “baby wana walk and Barbie Photo Fashion doll and a ipad and a pink computer and my own pink phone!”

Siara wants a “ipad and stuff for children.”

Ansley wants Santa to give “a little girl a dolle that has no home and to geve monny to the arck and wish geses happ birthday.”

Jerry wants a “kids Ipad and thank you for give presents to homeless paple.”

Kaithlynn wants a “Barbie doll that changes hair color, movie called Barbie princess and the Popstar. A song called Dynamite, by Taio Cruz, A brite pink laptop, Justice pink sparkly headphones”.

Taylor wants a “new bedspread, duck tape, fuzze black pillows, babby close, a sock muckes, a babby wush u shsen, new p js, a ipod and a cas, please mackup a roking char, sun char, a new room, a dogplase and a kittin.”

Ashley wants a “Barbie doll that is princess and the Popstar and the DVD, a kids camra, some lits for my room and some dresses for my doll.”

Sophie just wants a good year!

Jacob wants some “books from the book fair, I love books and I want to make a library at my house, the rest you can just give me random stuff, because I am going to have a birthday soon”.

Sharon Banks 3rd Grade Class

Payton wants “bay blades, a champaleen, a truck that floats on water, a big ball, a spy truck, and a bearded dragon.

Cole wants Lego Ninjago and the terane twister!”

Hunter hopes that his presents will be “speshilmade. And made by you {Santa}, not your elves.” He wants an Elf on the shelf, a gocart, a new room, sum under armer shoos and some jordins.”

Gracie wants a bike and a tablet and a phone and a sled, and a horse, some hats and some candy and some books.

Mikah wants a laptop, Ipod case, some Grumpy PJs and the rest all cloths.”

Nathan wants an ATV, and an elf on the shelf.

Halee wants a gymnastic wedge.

Graham wants a Titan bed “cumferder. I want a x-box with a flat screen TV and Call of Duty Black ops, a new nfl football and candy, a Titans pillow and a new bike, a new basketball and a new baseball.”

Gage has been good this year and wants a DS D3 and a few games.

Bailey wants a 4 wheeler, a Nintenda 3D, that new Wii , and “can you fill my stocking up real high please?”

Brianna would like a #DS and some games, and a case that comes with headphones and a car charger. “Also a desk and a new tv for my room.”

Emily wants make-up, oggs, high hells, mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss, Justin Birber purfum, shimmer and some other things that I can’t think of right now.”

Jill Pape’s 3rd Grade Class

Dylan would like monster energy shirt, a fox shirt, a phone with a camo case, a MP3 player, Saints Row 2, a fishing pole from Bass Pro Shop, a lap top, a 22 rifle, a airsoft gun, Diary of a Wimpy Kid the third wheel, a dirt bike that is black and orange, a snake, a New York Yankees flat ball from Sport Seasons, a Alabama poster, a New York Yankees poster, a Under Armor sweatshirt that is black and red.”

Jacob wants a puppy and a nice watch, a gigantic blizzard and weeks and weeks of snow days. I’d like to have enough snow for skying, sleding, snowball fights and snow forts.”

Dustin wants a PSP, a gocart, alarm clock, and an elf on the shelf, and an ipod.

Kylar wants an Iphone 5, 4 wheeler, a dirt bike, money and gift cards.

Richmond wants a dog, Ipod touch with a camera, and a Mongoose bike.

Parker wants an Ipad mini and an under armor jacket.

Katelyn wants a phone, furby2, Justin Beber doll, monster high dolls, outfits from Justice and an American Girl doll, and lots of snow!

Harper wants all of Justin Bieber’s albums, a “huge prank bag just for fun”, some hearted nike shoes pink and black, a “Shetland pony to keep, brown, orange and yellow mixed with white spots please,” also skinny headbands of all colors, a trackphone case that has grey sparkles and pink hearts. A “boy minicher pincher to date my girl minicher pincher”, get married and have pups, “give one to me!”

Chalen wants a puppy, an Ipod, Cotencandy maker, a new bike, an elf on the shelf, $110, a stuffy, Twister, a backpack that has something to do with Justin Beaber, and some lip gloss, lip chap that smells like candy canes, and bubble gum.

Layla wants some “high heals like my cousin”, an Ipod, snow, Twister, a Justin Beiber backpack, a poster of Niall Horan, pink roller skates, lip gloss, a Cotton Candy maker, and candy in the stocking. “But most of all I want my Dad’s back to get better”.

Saylee wants a Fearby, some jewelry, an elf book, duck tap, $100, a science volcano, a toy jeep, an alarm clock, a makeup kit and fingernail kit, an Ipad, a computer with a mouse, a new kitten that is a girl, a new Ipod, some earrings, Taylor Swift Red, Just Dance 4, a Zoo Zoo pet, and some candy.

Avery would like a Kindle Fire, a Ferbe, and Osirises, and lipgloss and anything Justin Beiber. Pink, purple and turquoise duck tape, new markers, colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, blue skinny jeans, something One Direction, a hat with fake braids, Taylor Swift Red, some candy and gum

Deametris wants an electric guitar with soround sound, an elf on the shelf, a hat like Santas except green, a four wheeler, a pencil sharpener.

Cooper wants a gun called an Exsploder, Diary of a Wimpey Kid books, a dirt bike, and “the thing I really want is a picture of all of your reindeer”.

Kensey wants a puppy, some shoes and clothes.

Evelyn Garrett’s 4th Grade Class

Danielle wants a Cotton Candy Machine, Candy Machine, a DSI, a Wii, lots and lots of candy, an Ipod touch with internet, a touch phone, high heal boots and a curlying iron.

Garrett wants at least 2 video games, a slushy magic, and lego stuff.

Chelsey wants a new Play Station 2, new boots, a pink skateboard, and a bell from Santa’s sleigh.

Gracie wants a go-cart, an Xbox 360 Skylanders game with the giants, also dragons from Micheles toy horses, Monster High dolls, littlest pet shop off Ebay, and most of all Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

Grit wants Just Cause 2, block of cheddar cheese, candy (tootsie rolls), stuffed animals, a turtle (female), honey jar and a harmonica (red).

Will wants a kitten and few more lego boxes, some more DS games and more Wii games, and a book called The Serpent Shadow.

Megan does NOT want a mint candy cane, but she really wants to “to see you for the first time, but I know you have to hide your identity, I really don’t want you to move to Scotland for 6 years!!”

Dani wants Angry Birds playdoe, Winx Doll Doom and sky, Just Dance 4, Angry Bird 200 piece puzzle, Monopoly electronic and Monopoly Milonaire and lots of other board games. Also a laptop and Ipod, a new cell phone and make-up, lego friends, Artstuff, jewelry organizer and jewelry, and Angry Bird plush toys.

Aaron wants 2010 Remake Freddy Krueger glove, and Call of Duty Black Ops II.

Micah wants an IPhone.

Haley wants a Wii, lego ninjago figers, fortune cookie maker, basketball, lego friends, Olivia’s house and an itunes card.

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