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Free New Year’s Resolutions!


1. Volunteer, a little or a lot.

2. Love your family every chance you get. Express that love with words, deeds and time. If the last thing you ever say to someone is “I love you”, you won’t ever regret it.

3. Stop texting and driving, or walking. It’s dangerous to you and everyone around you.

4. If you must talk on the phone while you’re driving, get a BlueTooth device or head set and USE it! It’s not the perfect solution, but its better than driving with one hand and covering the left side of your face with the other.

5. Do NOT, under ANY circumstances cross a solid yellow line, even for a second when you’re pretty sure that there is no oncoming traffic. It’s frightening to the person you’re headed toward, (unless they’re also texting and don’t realize that they have a car headed right at them!) It’s also stupid, dangerous, rude and unnecessary, (see item #3).

6. Smile.

7. Leave earlier, and slow down.

8. (this one is a 2-parter)

a. Honk your horn at the wildlife in the roadway in our neighborhoods. Most of the time they will commit to a direction and RUN out of your way in time, especially if you are driving the speed limit.

b. Stop tailgating. If the person ahead of you slows even slightly to avoid being killed by a deer crashing through their windshield, you will crash into them. It’s also stupid, dangerous and rude.

9. Be nice. If you’re in an occasional bad mood, it’s ok. However, it will pass sooner if you’re nice to those around you rather than if you give them a reason to be mean to you.

10. GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE ON THE INTERSTATE! I’ve actually contacted TDOT about the signs that were on the interstates when I was a kid reminding folks, “Slower Traffic Keep Right”. Everyone knew and respected the left lane as the “passing lane”. Now everyone rides in it, there’s very little passing going on, and usually the front car, the one holding everyone up, is texting, or primping, or doing anything but passing or paying attention to what’s going on behind them! The answer I got from the always helpful Deanna Lambert at TDOT was in part: “There are fiscal and motorist behavioral issues associated with the declining use of this sign on multi-lane highways in Tennessee.” In other words, the signs are expensive and you probably won’t read them, and even if you do you won’t abide by them.

There you have it. 10 perfectly good New Year’s Resolutions, many of which will not only help you, but also lots of the folks around you have a calmer, happier day. Either way, we here at the S. C. Advocate hope you have a wonderful, healthy and safe New Year!

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