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CCAAF Names Volunteers of the Year

The Cheatham County Animal Awareness Foundation (CCAAF) was pleased to present its “Volunteer of the Year” awards for 2012, at a ceremony hosted by the Harpeth Art Center & Gallery. CCAAF provides low cost and free spay and neuter services to nearly 600 dogs and cats each year, which has contributed to a nearly 50% decline in abandoned pets to the county’s Animal Control facility over a five year period. They also assist in moving more than 500 dogs, cats, puppy and kitten litters out of the shelter and into rescues and adoptive homes.

“Our organization is entirely dependent on a small group of dedicated volunteers, private donations and grants,” said CCAAF president, Cindy Weiss. “It’s an honor to recognize a few of the volunteers who give tirelessly to this challenging cause, year after year.”

Denise Fletcher is responsible for fostering puppy litters, often those who need significant medical care and rehabilitation. She also does transports and shelter work to get photos, profiles, temperament tests and vet care for the dogs preparing to go to rescue. It’s a 365-day a year job, and the CCAAF program would be devastated without her.

Marilyn Bishop is responsible for the daily and ongoing work to foster, vet, vaccinate and transport kittens and cats. Marilyn also works every spay station event from morning until night. Working with CCAAF past president Mary Ann Prince, Marilyn is critical to so many cats in an overpopulated county having the chance to get homes.

Susan King is responsible for scheduling and managing all pets and their owners for both the Spay Station and Rover programs every month. The efficient management of this program has allowed Cheatham County to nearly double the number of domestic animals altered every year, which is potentially the most critical element in reducing overpopulation, abuse and neglect of animals in a community. There is often a waiting list of two months or more for female cats, and many last minute changes, questions and cancellations to manage. Susan is kind, committed and generous of spirit, and has helped CCAAF to become an organization that can truly change the future for our community and its animals.

About Cheatham County Animal Awareness Foundation (CCAAF)

The Cheatham County Animal Awareness Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping control pet overpopulation through spay/neuter assistance and animal education programs for the residents of Cheatham County. The Foundation also assists in finding responsible homes for adoptable animals being held at Cheatham County Animal Control and strives to provide a safe environment for the animals of Cheatham County. For information, visit

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