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South Cheatham Cities Proud of New CMFOs

At recent town meetings, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen in Pegram, and the City Commissioners in Kingston Springs expressed their pride and gratitude that their employees had both completed the grueling procedure to become Certified Municipal Finance Officers. If they hadn’t succeeded before the January 2013 deadline, the 2 towns would have been penalized $50 a day until they did.

Jamie Mrzena, Town Recorder/Finance Director for the Town of Pegram, and Debbie Finch, Assistant City Manager / Recorder for Kingston Springs got to know each other better over the weeks. They traveled to and from study sessions and exams together along with Burns Town Recorder Carol Sullivan, and White Bluff Recorder Melody Lewis, to achieve the certification and get their employers compliant with the state’s requirement that towns their size must employ a CMFO. The curriculum developed by MTAS [Municipal Technical Advisory Service] includes 80 hours of training over subjects like auditing and internal controls, governmental accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, and a list of topics that these two women undoubtedly had no trouble with. They had 11 tests to pass. They will also now be required to maintain their certification with at least 24 hours of continuing education annually.

Both employees will now add “CMFO” to their job titles, and also receive a well deserved pay hike as a result of their accomplishments.

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