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David Cooper Editorial: 01/12/13

On Tuesday morning, I was out for my morning run which takes me out Kingston Springs/Fairview Road toward the Ranchettes. It was still dark when a truck stopped me near the fire tower. The driver rolled down his passenger window, and I thought he was going to ask for directions, which is not that unusual on that stretch of road. I stopped and walked up to the window, and he proceeded to ask me if I could use what I first thought was a reflective running light in a box. On closer inspection, he handed me a Garmin running watch with a whole lot of bells and whistles on it, including a GPS. I was astounded! He said that he couldn’t use it, and thought I might get some benefit out of it. I noticed he was wearing an Alabama cap, and I commented that he must be in a particularly good mood after the game against Notre Dame on Monday night. I thanked him and finished my run. I want to again say thank you and how nice he was for the random act of kindness. I will wear the watch proudly (after I first learn how to use it). This may even spur me to train for another marathon. Happy New Year.

David L. Cooper – Kingston Springs


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