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Kingston Springs Activity Center Ready to Host Your Event!

When the ribbon was cut for the formal opening of the Activities Center in the L.L. Burns Park in Kingston Springs, there were still small things that needed to be completed. Those installations have been done and the center is now available to the public for rental for events, both large and small. This is the perfect space for receptions, weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, holiday parties, and business meetings. There has even been a “Celebration of Life” event there.

Want an outdoor wedding by the water? This could be the place.

The main room will seat 100 for dinner and the connecting outdoor deck will seat another 50. A “standing event” will accommodate 225. Events larger than 225 can also be accommodated by incorporating outdoor spaces. The view of the Harpeth River and the pond are gorgeous. There is plenty of parking for any event. The play ground is nearby for the kids.

The large kitchen area can be expanded to double the working space if needed. There is an additional ‘classroom’ area that can be used as a changing room or work area for the event. The floor is ‘dance-able’.

Photos or presentations can be shown on the 8 ft. screen with the on-site audio visual equipment. And yes, alcohol may be served there.

The South Cheatham area has needed a gathering place for private events for many years. The schools have been the only venue for large events, but were not available for rental by the public. This building solves the problem for those seeking a space for a larger event. Prices vary depending on the day of the week.

Sunday and Wednesday rent for $25 an hour with a 2 hour minimum. The other weekdays are $70 an hour with a 4 hour minimum. Friday and Saturdays are $95 an hour with a 4 hour minimum. 6 large tables and 48 chairs are included in all rentals. Extra tables and chairs can be rented for a nominal fee. To get a full information package regarding rentals, call City Hall at 952-2110 or email Brandy Miniat at

The building’s primary use is for city sponsored events such as Senior Citizen activities, ART in the PARK, future youth camps and special events. Rental times are available when the building is not in use.

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