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E.G. Smith Editorial: 01-19-13

It is Tuesday morning at 10 AM. I hope the school board wins their gamble to go ahead and have schools open today, after a 2 hour late start.  The forecast, as I’m writing this letter, is calling for a winter weather advisory beginning at noon. The chance of sleet/freezing rain is forecast.  Is a snow day so precious that we can not afford to spend one? In mid January? With a forecast so dicey?  Of course by the time this is published the answers will be history, and I do hope the BOE wins their gamble. But was the gamble worth it? Win or lose I say NO! It was still a gamble.  Roll the dice? Is that good policy?

E.G. Smith Kingston Springs

One Response to E.G. Smith Editorial: 01-19-13

  1. homer R. Dodson

    January 29, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    Well, E. G., looks like the officials must have read your letter because the next similar time, they closed for the whole day.

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