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Rep. Littleton Awards $25,000 to Tennessee Technology Center

Left, Warner Taylor (Tennessee Technology Center), Cheatham County Mayor David McCullough, Representative Mary Littleton, Dickson County Mayor Bob Rial, Mike Powers (Tennessee Technology Center Director)

State Representative Mary Littleton (R- Dickson) announced today an award of $25,000 through private donors to Tennessee Technology Center in Dickson. These funds will be used to support scholarships for recently unemployment residents in Dickson and Cheatham Counties that have been adversely affected by the economy. The scholarships are designed to cover a year of tuition, at Tennessee Technology Center in Dickson, for individuals who have lost their job and need to be retrained in order to secure new employment.

“Given the high stress from being unemployed, every opportunity must be made so that local families can meet their required expenses and get back into the workforce,” said Representative Littleton “I am happy to provide the scholarships so that individuals get the training or retraining they need in order to secure new employment and ultimately their families’ futures”

Recognizing the clear link between education and employment, Representative Littleton is giving unemployed workers the opportunity to acquire the skills they need to win good-paying jobs in today’s economy.

“These scholarships will help citizens of my district upgrade their skills as they prepare to re-enter a changing economy where employers are demanding more specialized skills and knowledge,” Littleton said. “A highly skilled workforce is key to retaining and attracting employers who want to grow their business in our community.”

The Representative also praised Tennessee Technology Center for their ability to train students in new careers for our ever changing economy.

“Tennessee Technology Center is a leader in the effort to train Tennessee workers for good jobs, today and tomorrow,” said Littleton. “With the hard work of Tennessee Technology Center and local employers, we have put many workers in to new higher-wage jobs and will continue in the years ahead.”

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