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Harpeth Middle School News

On Monday, December 3, the Harpeth Middle School Library began the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. For twelve consecutive days in December, students could submit their answer to a trivia questions based on the book that was being given away that day.

The first book of the giveaway, Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel, was won by Cadiz Cantwell, a fifth grader. On the second day, Catching Fire was won by Dominik Fudoli, a sixth grader. The book for the third day was Dork Diaries: Tales from the Not So Smart Miss Know it All, which was won by Jordan Taylor, a fifth grader. The fourth book in the giveaway,Tricks and Transformations, was awarded to Stephen Jacobs, a seventh grader at HMS. On day five, the book Into the Unknown was won by Jasmine Roberts, an eighth grader. Middle School the Worst Years of my Life was given away on the sixth day to Gillian Russell, a seventh grader. On day seven, the book giveaway was Thirty Nine Clues: Shatterproof which was won by Mackenna Gilbert, a fifth grader. The Mark of Athena was the eighth book in the giveaway and was won by seventh grader Katie Mealio. On day nine, Theodore Boone: The Accused  was awarded to Lauryn Bratcher, a fifth grader. The giveaway for the tenth day was Mockingjay which was won by Gabby Kapanka, a sixth grader. The book for the eleventh day was Not for Parents Extreme Planet and was won by seventh grader Dillon McCormick. The twelfth book of the Christmas Book Giveaway was Diary of a Wimpy Kid Third Wheel and was won by Vaughn Palmer. Congratulations students!

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