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High Winds, Including EF 0 Tornado Bring Damage, Power Outages to South Cheatham Neighborhoods

High temperatures and blustery winds were the best warnings on Tuesday afternoon that storms were coming.

Wednesday morning, around 2a.m, they certainly did, and they left their mark all over south Cheatham.

School was cancelled and many residents faced the task of cleaning up, and dealing with insurance claims once again as the storms cleared and daylight broke over the area later Wednesday morning.

A spokesperson for Dickson Electric said Wednesday afternoon that they were “not sure when” service would be completely restored to all of their customers.

At peak, about 2000 customers in Kingston Springs and Pegram were without power. 10,000 of Dickson Electric’s total customer base were without power after the storms that came through in the dark Wednesday morning, including an EF0 that tore through Craggie Hope and the Kingston Springs area.

Hardest hit was the Craggie Hope area where the National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-0 tornado had touched down. Also in the Woodlands subdivision, specifically East Kingston Springs Rd., Harpeth View Trail and Woodlands Drive, along with Simms Heights area and Patterson Drive.

The Ranchettes was also very hard hit, with power lines strewn on roads, road closures and many, many trees down.

Firefighters went out at 3a.m. to cut trees and try to clear roads after the storms passed through. Power remained out into the afternoon at press time Wednesday in several areas. Reports were that there were still some outages Thursday morning.


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