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Hosting an AFS Exchange Student

What: Host an AFS-USA high school exchange student from one of the over fifty (50) partner countries for the next school year beginning in August.

Why: Why not take the opportunity to bring the world to your area and give your family, community and school insights into new cultures?

How: Go on line and see details at www.afsusa,org/hosting and fill out a preliminary application. Your best choice of gender, interests, talents, native country, etc. is to choose a student early when more are available. This will also insure that there is a place in your local high school. Most high schools will only allow four (4) in each high school. Students may also attend private schools and families who home school may host, but the AFSers must attend public or private school..

Contacts: Dr. Barbara Y. Wills at 931-378-7258 and or Sandy Rich at and 865-617-0665 and the local web site Miss Tennky Area AFS Volunteer Leadership Team at


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