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@ The Library: 2-22-13



Monday, Feb 25th @ 7:00 – Book Nutz meets to discuss Miscarriage of Justice by Kip Gayden, a First Circuit Court Judge in Nashville.

Tuesday, Feb. 26th @ 10:30 – Coffee & Chat and Knit-Us-Together.

Thursday, Feb. 28th @ 10:30 – StoryTime with Mrs. Velvet. All Aboard the Alphabet Train as we learn about the letter “S” with stories, songs, & a craft.


**Get a head start on your garden. Come check out our gardening books. THINK SPRING!

**The library has IRS Tax Forms!


The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff: Willie Upton has returned home to her picturesque town of Templeton, NY. She needs a safe haven to collect herself after a disastrous affair with her married archeology professor. But surprises await. First, a “prehistoric monster” appears in the lake at Templeton. Then her mother, a hippie-turned-Baptist, informs her that her father was not really a member of the free-love hippie commune, but someone living in Templeton. Willie puts her research skills to work not only to identify the “lake monster” of Templeton but to discover her own lineage as well.

Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women’s Literary Society by Amy Hill Hearth: Jackie Hart isn’t the only one in the small town nestled in Collier County, Florida, who feels “outside” the mainline society. In 1962, Jackie migrated from the North. Restless, she became host to a late night radio show under the persona of “Miss Dreamsville.” Then she organized a reading group that included other “outsiders” such as a gay man, a poet, a divorcee, & a young black woman. In the 1960s, in the conservative & racially segregated South, this is “radical.” Jackie has a rebellion on her hands but she’s not about to back down.

This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz: Yunior is the “hard-luck’ kid when it comes to romance. Young & charismatic, his love-life is haunted by one theme: “I loved & I lost.” In Boston, a man gives his only son a first baseball glove & bat. But this son is a “love child” born outside the family. And in New Jersey, a woman washes her lover’s clothes while wondering about his wife. These are part of the everyday stories of love on the edge…and sometimes beyond.

Broken Harbor by Tana French: Mick Kennedy is one of Ireland’s top homicide detectives along with his partner Richie. They are working a case of a murdered father & 2 children and the wife in an intensive care unit. Too many unexplained situations make this case far from simple: baby monitor cameras pointing at holes in the walls, files recently erased from the family’s computer, and a sister’s recollection of accounts of an intruder who could slip past the family’s security systems. And for Mick, there’s the added problem of remembering his own family tragedy one summer in his childhood, in this same vicinity.

The Elephant Keepers’ Children by Peter Hoeg: Living on an island where the inhabitants, representing many religious perspectives, live harmoniously, 14-yr-old Peter’s life is suddenly uprooted when his parents disappear. Peter’s father is a vicar; his mother is an artisan. Both are deeply committed to their faith but that would not seem to be a problem in the island’s culture. With a poignancy that often includes humor, the “under-the-surface” struggles of fundamentalism vs. spiritual freedom which exist in any society, no matter how “open” it seems, begin to rise as Peter & his siblings seek their parents.

NEW DVDs: Downton Abbey. The library now has Seasons 1, 2, & 3. (You can catch up on any episodes you missed!)

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