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Harpeth High “Buddies Club” Rally to END THE WORD


On March 6th, Harpeth High Best Buddies in conjunction with Special Olympics hosted a rally for the entire school. The purpose of the rally was “Spread the Word to End the Word”. Best Buddy club members danced, sang, and spoke about the hurtfulness of the “R” word (retard/retarded) and encouraged adults and students to stop its derogatory use in everyday language.

This event was totally student planned and organized. A special thank you goes out to Annie Knobel, Rebecca Fink, Alexis King, , Erica Janotha, Matthew Copeland, Rachel Dunn, Emma Aly, Brent Burger and Matthew Groves.

Their dedication to Best Buddies is outstanding and they truly are appreciated by the HHS Life Skills class.

We would also like to give thanks to the teachers, students, community and entire Best Buddy club for purchasing our shirts in our “Spread the Word” fundraiser and for their continued support. We can’t do it without you!!!! It’s not too late to pledge YOUR support to eliminate the demeaning use of the r-word by going to

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Jennifer Copeland

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