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Homer R. Dodson: Editorial 3-19-13


I hereby make a few observations concerning the Scarecrow Presidency of Barrack Obama as follows:

Obama cuts a veteran program that helps veterans go to college but continues help with no cut at all for illegal alien’s college aid.

I ask liberals, “Does President Obama think more of illegal’s than veterans?”

Obama cuts student visits to White House tours even when Donald Trump and other citizens will fund it with their own money.

I ask liberals, “Is this the immature pouting typical of an elitist that demands his way?” I further ask, “Does he cut down his golf trips?”

We just captured Ben Laden’s Son – in – law. The Obama administration longs for terrorists to be tried in New York so they can be read Miranda rights like regular American citizens.

I ask liberals: “Isn’t it strange that the Obama administration wants the right to use drones on American citizens, and pick people to kill based on whim and without trial, without Miranda rights and with instant death?”

Is a terrorist treated better than our own by the Obama administration?

Oh! I hear that for $500,000 President Obama will meet with you. I ask liberals, “Is this what you want in a President? Is this your change? Is this your transforming of America?”

These are some of the reasons that I hereby declare the Obama era The Scarecrow Presidency.

Homer R. Dodson

Of East Belltown

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