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Harpeth Middle School News: 3-23-13

Teachers of the Year at Harpeth Middle School

Mrs. Elizabeth Davis by: Kali Elizer-Garner & Jordan Baldwin

Mrs. Dawn Greene by: Brette Allison & Tristan Davenport

Mr. Jerry Crummer by: Brooke Sobo & Lindy Drolsum

Articles edited by: Cosette Bolt

This past week, the HMS Journalism Club has conducted several interviews with some of our best teachers. Three of which have recently received Teacher of the Year and Teacher of the Month honors from Cheatham County and our school administrative staff. These distinguished teachers are Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, Mrs. Dawn Greene, and Mr. Jerry Crummer. HMS is very proud of the fact that we have an excellent faculty made up of wonderful teachers that are dedicated to the academic advancement of our community’s middle school students. The following are summations of those interviews.

Mrs. Elizabeth Davis is Harpeth’s CCEA Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Davis has taught seventh grade Language Arts at Harpeth for the past seven years. She graduated from Tennessee Technological University in 2002 and has taught a total of eight years. Mrs. Davis enjoys reading and working with children: therefore, she felt teaching was a “natural fit”. When asked what were some of her unique or preferred teaching techniques, she replied by saying that she felt her students learned best by working in groups. Mrs. Davis feels that this is a more effective way of teaching and learning for her students. When asked, Mrs. Davis expressed her feelings on the up and coming common core curriculum for Cheatham County. She replied by stating that she believes it is a good way to keep the students thinking. Finally, we asked Mrs. Davis about her future educational plans. She stated, “I would like to continue being a Language Arts teacher for now, then become a librarian in the future”.

Mr. Jerry Crummer is Harpeth Middle School’s Teacher of the Year. He is a sixth grade math teacher at our school. Mr. Crummer attended and graduated from Trevecca University with a degree in both Elementary and Music Education in 1978. A few of Mr. Crummer’s interests include playing ping-pong, hiking, and taking care of his pool during the summer. He also mentioned that he appreciates that Harpeth Middle is close to his home, and he really enjoys having a Christmas break every year. Although, Mr. Crummer says he likes being around children and teaching most of all! Mr. Crummer told us that he will do a variety of things in order to get and keep the attention of his students. He will do such unique things as stand on boxes or desks, and he will use pictures and drawings throughout his notes to his class in order to help his students better understand the lesson of that day. He voiced his opinion on common core by saying, “It will be hard for the teachers and students to adjust to it, but they will get used to it eventually and will be fine”. Mr. Crummer also said that he continuously looks to improve his methods of teaching and to find other great ways to teach and motivate his students.

Mrs. Dawn Greene was presented the Teacher of the Month award at our county’s last Board of Education meeting in Ashland City. Mrs. Greene is a sixth grade English teacher at HMS. She has taught Language Arts here at Harpeth Middle for the past two years, but has taught altogether a total of fifteen years. Mrs. Greene graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 1992 with a degree in Elementary Education. When she was asked what makes her a good teacher she stated, “I want my students to succeed and give them my best efforts”. Outside of school Mrs. Greene enjoys traveling, photography, and spending time with her family. Her future goals include going back to school and becoming a guidance counselor. She also noted that she was, “very excited about the up-coming common core curriculum” for Cheatham County.

On behalf of our club and Harpeth Middle, we offer our congratulations to these accomplished teachers.

On March 14 we celebrated Pi Day. We spent two weeks collecting round money in the hopes of reaching our goal of $314 (Pi = 3.14). They met the goal and beat it by raising $543.11 for the Ark.

Since, Pi Day is a celebration of the Pi symbol and what it equals and Pi is used to find circumference of circles, so we found the circumference of many different circular objects, including parachutes, hula hoops, and pie.

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