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Tony Jenkins: Editorial 3-30-13


I just wanted to bring something to the attention of your readers. Playing sports in high school is both rewarding and challenging. There is so much time management that comes into play because of juggling homework, practices, and games. This is not easy for young athletes. There are times when teachers are understanding of this and try to work assignments and tests around sports schedules because they genuinely care about their students success. I think that is great. But what about the student athletes who do not play a sport that is sponsored by their school. I am an MX racer, which is motorcross. I have just as busy of a schedule with practice and races. I am just as dedicated to my sport as my friends in school sports are. It would be nice if teachers could be more understanding of the time commitments of other sports. I am in no way asking for special concessions, just for the same as school sponsored athletes. Just something to think about.

Tony Jenkins

Pegram, TN

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