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First 24 Volunteer Response Teams Ready in Kingston Springs


The proactive First 24 Volunteer Response Plan has been under development since last summer. This week it emerged with two organizational meetings on Monday. The first one was with local utilities in an effort to coordinate communications during a disaster event. The meeting, held at Montgomery Bell State Park, brought together those that actually work the disasters in this area. Contact information was exchanged and there were constructive conversations about having an organized approach to better serve all responders. Everyone agreed that this type of planning was needed in order to avoid some of the problems of past disasters.

The second meeting was held Monday evening at the Activities Center at L.L. Burns Park. This meeting brought together those who responded to the solicitation for volunteers over a month ago. 32 potential volunteers attended the meeting to learn about the program. They also signed up for 6 different “teams” that will perform 6 different functions during a disaster. Some volunteers signed up for more than one team, committing to completing the required upcoming training. The first trainings will occur in late April. There will be refresher training class every 6 months.

This response plan is designed to address the first 24 hours of a disaster when the most organization is needed.

“We hope to improve our response by having willing and trained citizens that are prepared to step up and help”, said Chief Eugene Ivey.

Members of the Kingston Springs fire and police department, public works department and management have worked together on the development of this plan.


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