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Homer R. Dodson: Editorial 4-12-13

SCAreadersSpeakOutI call for a BURY THE TOMAHAWK (a little Indian lingo for those that live near Mound Bottom) emergency meeting with me and Ita Hardesty Mason at one of the pipelines on Highway 70.

I propose the following: The pipelines were laid in the mid 1950’s in the reign of Baldy who got the interstates going. As a child, I watched those pipelines being laid.

I propose that we draw a line on the pipeline. This would become the famous MASON – DODSON LINE.

Two other people would be there at a meeting that should become as famous as Ground Hog Day. One from the pipeline; one from the soil conservation folks. A soil test would be done in two locations: At the MASON – DODSON LINE, and at a place under exposed pipe a few hills and hollers to the north should survive the test.

This should prove the DODSON THERUM, name that pipelines are ok and they keep Mrs. Mason’s house warm.

I go for pipelines. I’ve lived in sight of one in two locations since I was a mere 6 years old. Also, wildlife goes for pipelines in Alaska. Furry Arctic critters ease up to their pipeline to get warm. They ain’t stooopid.

Even in Tennessee, long haired dogs like to sit by a cozy fireplace or the favorite heater.

We must harvest the coal (fossil formations of vast vegetation from Noah’s flood). Also, the ocean floor oozes vast quantities of oil. Old oil wells often get refilled. The earth seems to be making more oil and natural gas because the fossil production in vast quantity is over.

Homer R. Dodson

Of East Belltown

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