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Kingston Springs Neighborhoods to Become Very Chicken Friendly

UrbanChickenBy DALE GRAHAM

The Kingston Springs City Commission met in regular session last week. All members were present.

The meeting was preceeded by a Beer Board meeting. Up for consideration was a request for on and off-premise beer permit by Cole Bruce, who is the applicant for Skyking Pizza, LLC at 385 North Main Street in Kingston Springs, (former location of Red Tree Coffee). The application was approved unanimously, contingent on some minor changes that needed to be made to the lease, and the beer permit for Red Tree also needs to be turned in.

Also preceeding the meeting was a public hearing on Ordinance 13-001 – Farm Animals in Residential Districts. The ordinance prohibits the keeping of most domestic livestock within the town’s limits (other than normal agricultural operations on 3 acres or more), with the exception of chickens. There was no comment made on the ordinance.

When the item came up in the meeting, Mayor Tony Campbell offered an amendment limiting the number allowed to 12 domestic hens (down from the proposed 20), and 1 rooster. The motion was seconded by Bob Stohler. Chicken owner and enthusiast Tony Gross stated that he thinks 20 is still a “fair enough number”. Stohler said that having 20 chickens (or 19 hens + 1 rooster) seemed to take the practice from ‘hobby’, to potential commercial. Gary Corlew stated that the discussion has been going on for months and there had been little to no public comment against the subject, including none at the public hearing before the meeting. Gross said that was indicative that the subject was a “non-issue”. Campbell’s motion to amend failed by a vote of 2 yes (Campbell and Stohler), to 3 no (Gross, Glenn Remick and Corlew). The original motion was then approved by a vote of 4 yes to 1 no (Stohler).

Approved in new business:

• Resolution 13-003 concerning the posting of signs prohibiting weapons on city owned property.

• Resolution 13-004 – a proclamation recognizing the services rendered by former planner Don E. Martin, and as an “expression of deep sympathy to the family following his untimely death on April 10th, 2013”. Martin was credited for his work in adoption of land use standards regulations and ordinances that have improved the quality of life in Kingston Springs.

Rules were suspended in order to discuss signage on Harpeth Hills Drive with resident Ray Harman. Several residents from the road have spoken to commissioners for the past 2 months about the signage present now, which reads “Road May Flood”, saying it decreases their property value. Harman said he had looked at DOT [Department of Transportation] signs, and that he liked one that did not use the word “flood” or “flooding”, like “Watch for water on road”. The commission voted unanimously to approve changing the current signs to the suggested verbiage.

6th District County Commissioner John Haines has asked that the City provide space for the new Veterans Affairs Officer to meet with area veterans. The commission voted unanimously in favor, and the meetings will occur in the Building Official’s office in City Hall.

The Kingston Springs City Commission meets the third Thursday of each month at 7p.m. in the Beck Town Meeting Hall.

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