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ARK Community Resource & Assistance Center’s BBQ, Bluegrass and Blessings Event a True Hit

Prior to 1994 there was no organized Meals on Wheels [MOW] program in the south end of Cheatham County. The nutrition site at the Senior Citizens Center in Ashland City served only the northern end of the county.

Following the incredible ice storm in February 1994, a group from several churches in Pegram and Kingston Springs went to Ashland City and met with the regional coordinator of the Mid Cumberland Human Resource Agency about establishing a

MOW program in South Cheatham. They were told that there were no funds to establish a site in South Cheatham County but that it was possible to have meals delivered to Ashland City, and volunteers would have to make the nearly 50 mile round trip to pick them up, transport them back to Pegram and Kingston Springs, and deliver them to each recipient 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). It was agreed that this was a workable solution and the program began in April 1994. With a lot of trial and error this elaborate and sometimes complicated process carried on for over 12 years!

In 2006, with a generous donation from Keith Parker Construction, the use of a newly built kitchen at Pegram United Methodist Church, in collaboration with Mid Cumberland Human Resource Agency, a nutrition site on the south end of the county was finally established! No more long trips to Ashland City!

In 2006 the program served 17 homebound seniors. It now serves 28 in south Cheatham. This pro­gram does more than just feed seniors. It provides an opportunity for them to live longer in their own homes and stay connected with the community. The gift it provides the volunteers is even more powerful!

The Ark fully funds the cost of each meal provided which has gone from $1.98 per meal in 1994 to $4.30 per meal in 2013. Their goal is to never have a senior be placed on a waiting list in South Cheatham. With the help of the community and volunteers, they are striving to achieve that goal!

Last Saturday night The ARK celebration/fundraiser at Pegram Church of Christ, and the turnout was outstanding! The food was great, the music was great, and volunteers past and present were thanked for their contribution to the continuation of the mission.

It costs nearly $90 to feed one homebound senior in our community per month, (they receive 5 meals weekly from MOW). Fundraisers help, but donations are still needed. As Paige McVity explained, there are other things in the works that will help assure the continuation of this valuable service, but YOU can help immediately by giving of your time, or your money, or both. For more information, go to


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