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Habitat for Humanity “Head of the Household” Challenge

Jackie Kemp, Paula Melton, Johnny Melton, Donnie Kemp

Jackie Kemp, Paula Melton, Johnny Melton, Donnie Kemp

Cheatham County Habitat invites you to find out

The Cheatham Division of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville is issuing a HEAD of HOUSE challenge to the men and women of Cheatham County to see who can win the title by raising the most money in May for the next Habitat home to be built for 30-year Cheatham resident Rena Ewing. The build is slated to begin on May 31.

Habitat posters will be visible at participating businesses throughout the county where residents can donate a $1 on either a pink (for women) or blue (for men) house card. The goal is to raise $15,000 toward the cost of a Habitat home and see who will garner the title of HEAD of HOUSE, according to Andrea Everett, Cheatham Habitat Family Services and Volunteer Relations Manager. In addition to donating for the HEAD of HOUSE challenge, Cheatham residents are encouraged to volunteer at the build site and learn more about the mission and work of Habitat in the community. The women will build Friday, June 7, and the men will build Saturday, June 8.

Ewing worked as a nurse for more than 22 years before an illness left her disabled. She currently rents a mobile home and worries about the safety of her current location. She is the mother of two children as well as a grandmother. In 2011, Habitat built a home for flood victim Rose Shearon, and then in 2012 built a home for Susan Leonard, who suffered a stroke in 2009.

“A Habitat home is not free. A potential Habitat homeowner will attend 70 hours of education classes and spend at least 100 hours on the build site for the opportunity to own their own home. We are asking our community to join us to help raise the necessary funds for our third Habitat home in Cheatham County,” says Johnny Melton, Community Founder and Advisory Committee Board Chair of the Cheatham Division of Habitat for Humanity.

Mail-in donations will also be accepted. Please make checks payable to Habitat for Humanity, Cheatham Division 296 Frey Street, Suite 5, Ashland City, TN 37015 and be sure to mark your vote pink or blue. To make a tax deductible donation online, go to and select Cheatham Head of House Challenge from the drop down menu. To learn more about how you can become involved in the mission of the Habitat in Cheatham County, contact Andrea Everett at 615-441-9967 or

Cheatham Division — Habitat for Humanity of Greater is an ecumenical Christian ministry that provides the life-changing opportunity for people to purchase and own quality, affordable homes. Prior to becoming homeowners, Habitat partner families attend home education classes, work at the build site, and volunteer at Habitat’s retail outlet, the ReStore. Dedicated Habitat volunteers from the Dickson Division teamed up with the Cheatham Long Term Recovery committee to help residents after the devastating floods of 2010 and the Cheatham Division of Habitat for Humanity officially opened that year. To request an application or to receive more information about the Cheatham Division of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville, call 615-973-6732 or visit

Habitat Partner Family: Rena Ewing

After growing up in Carthage, TN with her seven siblings, mother, and father, Rena went to school to become a nurse, and remained in that field of work for 22 years. Rena then contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and due to complications, became disabled and is no longer able to work as a nurse. Rena has been a Cheatham County resident for over thirty years, and she began to long for homeownership six years ago. Due to her low, fixed income she was unable to qualify for a mortgage; however the bank that was trying to help Rena referred her to Habitat for Humanity. When she heard she was approved for the Habitat homeownership program she couldn’t believe it; she said she screamed and danced.

Rena is the proud mother of two children, daughter, Lauren (30, who is also a nurse) and son, David (18, who just graduated high school). Her daughter recently had a son Seiven; becoming a grandmother has been one of the biggest motivations for Rena to look to become a homeowner, so that she feels safe to have him stay with her. She currently rents a modular home that she feels unsafe in due to having her home broken into in the past.

To her sponsors and volunteers, Rena says “I don’t have the words to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this process. This is a dream come true.”

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