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Stealing Your Identity. Stealing Your Stuff. Crime is Up South Cheatham



The Kingston Springs Police Department has been very busy lately. Officer Jeremy Vaughan blames in part the sluggish economy for the upturn in thefts in the area. “It started back last November, when all the Ranchette’s vehicle stuff started, since then things have picked up”, he said, adding “we’ve made several arrests in different cases, but none of them seem to be connected at all. There just so random”, Vaughan stated that the perpetrators are from all over. He added that the Kingston Springs Police Department has added night patrols that have already led to arrests.

Most recently, on Tuesday evening April 30th, a woman went into El Jardin Mexican Restaurant to pick up a to go order. She accidentally left her wallet on the counter. It didn’t sit there long before local resident, 35 year old James Buttrey of 618 Mt. Pleasant Road in Kingston Springs allegedly “gained possession of it”, Vaughan said. He explained that Buttrey (who had his 13 year old son with him), has stated that he did not take the wallet. 16 minutes after the victim paid for her food at El Jardin, the same credit card was used at the Shell Station in Kingston Springs, and the user, Buttrey, is clearly shown on video. Next he went to Dick’s sporting goods to buy a tent and 2 pairs of tennis shoes, again, on video. Thornton’s gas station on Charlotte was next, where he filled up his cousin’s car, then to Wal Mart where he tried to purchase about $450 worth of personal items like clothes and toiletries, but the card was declined.

“He [Buttrey] admitted to using the cards at those locations, but he told me that this girl who owed him money gave him the cards, and said ‘here, use these’”, Vaughan explained. He said that he went and picked up the cards in west Nashville off Centennial Blvd., and then came back to the Shell, and then went back to Nashville. 16 minutes from the transaction at El Jardin to the transaction at the Shell station. Buttrey was charged with 2 counts of theft. Buttrey moved to Kingston Springs from Pegram about a year ago, and rents the home at 618 Mt. Pleasant Road in Kingston Springs.

It’s been a very eventful month though. April 6th, a large amount of farm equipment was stolen from a home off Alderson Rd. (which is off of Simms Height’s). Total value of the equipment was $3700.

April 9th there were 12 units broken into at Harpeth Mini Storage. A ladder was used to climb onto the roof from the back of the buildings. Locks were cut and everything from coins, to jewelry, to television equipment was stolen.

Crouch’s wrecker service was broken into in mid-April. The crime was discovered on Sunday night, April 14th when the gate was found open, and a brand new wrecker truck had been stolen, as was a trailer that was loaded with 5 brand new wrecker bodies. There are no leads in this crime. Approximate value of the loss was $200,000.

There have been 2 break ins at Lu, Inc. on 429 W Kingston Springs Road in recent weeks. The person seen on video stole an ipod that’s used for time card check-in during the first break in, and then a week later on April 13th, 4 large tires were loaded up on a Lu pickup truck, which was then used to crash through the gate. The pickup was later found abandoned on Highway 70 at Cedar Hill Road. Vaughan said that they know it was the same person who committed both break ins because of the point of entry onto the property. A fence was cut the first time, and then mended, and then used again the second time after cutting the mending.

“We’re still having random vehicle burglaries”, Vaughan said, “their still rummaging through unlocked vehicles”. He added that there is no real pattern or area of concentration, they happen in all of the area neighborhoods; the Ranchettes, Simms Heights, the Woodlands, a weed eater was stolen from a landscaper’s vehicle in Harpeth Meadows.

On April 25th a stolen vehicle out of Davidson County was recovered at the Mid Town Suites on Luyben Hills Rd.

On Monday of this week two women gained entry to the office area of the Shell Station where they loaded up a bag full of cartons of cigarettes. They got spooked and ran off without the cartons, on video of course. Vaughan said that they do not look familiar though.

Vaughan asks that residents keep your eyes open and pay attention to things going on in your neighborhoods. Also, lock your home and cars, don’t leave your GPS device sitting on the dash, etc.

If you have any information on any of these crimes, please call Officer Jeremy Vaughan at 615-952-9965, ext. 19

Identity Theft Traced to Hack of Mapco Corporate

You have possibly heard someone you know lately say that their identity has been stolen, money is missing from their bank account, and someone if Florida, or California, or Georgia is spending it.

Not so long ago that was a rare occurrence, but lately it’s been more regular, and it’s possible that at least some of the problem started right here at our local Mapco Express.

In a statement from, customers were alerted to the problem, “If you used a credit or debit card to make a payment within the MAPCO Express, Inc. family of retail fuel and convenience stores, we want to alert you to a payment card information breach that may have exposed your credit or debit card information.

“Third party hackers used malware to access the payment card processing systems in our stores between March 19-25, April 14-15, and April 20-21, 2013. These systems transmit certain card information needed for the approval of transactions. The hackers may have stolen information that could potentially be used to initiate fraudulent credit and debit card transactions.”

The statement went on to say that as soon as Mapco realized what had happened they took immediate steps to disable the malware and increase security.

“If you suspect that your card information may have been compromised, you should immediately contact your bank, credit union, or credit or debit card company. In all cases, we advise you to remain vigilant by reviewing your account statements and monitoring your credit reports. Even though we have implemented internal security controls to contain any data loss, any card information that was already accessed by the hackers could still be used to initiate fraudulent transactions.”

They also include some Important Disclosures on the site. For further information go to and follow the link, or call them for further information and assistance at 1 877 297 2081 Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central Time and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central Time.

Officer Jeremy Vaughn advises residents, who are great supporters of the local Mapco, to “Stay on top of checking your bank accounts daily”, Vaughan said, and if you see anything amiss, contact your bank immediately.

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