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Harpeth Student “Prank” Not So Funny


Sometime last Thursday night, or early Friday morning, approximately 28 students entered Harpeth High School, intent on pulling what several are calling a “Senior Prank”, but others are calling vandalism.

They placed cups containing water and oil throughout the building. According to Cheatham County Director of Schools Dr. Stan Curtis, “flour and oil was spread throughout the building on the floor” as well.

Curtis added that the school’s Student Resource Officer, [SRO] officer identified them “through cameras, interviews, and confessions”. He added that 28 were identified through the cameras, more confessed to having a part, but not necessarily going into the building. Most involved were seniors, some were juniors.

The mess made for a ridiculous environment on Friday.

The students involved were punished with a “4 day suspension and $22.64 restitution per student”, Curtis explained, which he called “consistent” with the discipline doled out recently after a similar incident at Cheatham County Central High School.

The seniors who participated will still be allowed to walk the line at graduation, as long as “restitution is paid and suspension served”, Curtis added.

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