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“Volunteerism in Our Community” – 2013 Independence Day Celebration

brent 1Few people are lucky enough to know what they want to do when they grow up. Not so for this man.

For his very first Christmas, Santa left a wooden Fisher-Price fire truck. Did it start then? Or later, watching other, older boys run to help with fire calls? Whichever it was, 15 year old Brent Stuart already knew what he was destined to do.

Beginning as a firefighter 21 years ago, working his way up through the ranks- Lieutenant to Captain- Brent has held the title of Chief for the past 14 years, putting him in that role longer than anyone else in the 37 year history of the Pegram Volunteer Fire Department.

When asked for some information about himself, he seems much more inclined to tell you about his men, about the sacrifices and commitment to our community and the non-paying job of the 17 firefighters currently serving our town. Oh, yes, they get incentive pay for the hours they put in, but it’s not enough to live on. They do this job, and the training required, while working full time jobs and raising families. Leaving those families anytime the call comes. No matter where they are.

The Stuart family has been in Pegram since the 40’s. Brent attended Pegram Elementary, the Harpeth High School. Volunteering with the fire dept. so young, didn’t leave much time for sports. He makes up for that now by helping with daughter Cara’s (9) softball team and attending as many of son Blake’s (7) baseball games as possible. Even though he’s so busy, he finds it hard to sit in the stands- “I have to be doing something.”

Brent met wife Carolyn, a teacher at Harpeth High School, when she was a Cheatham County Paramedic. Stationed in Kingston Springs, they would see each other at fire scenes and ended up dating. They have been married for 11 years.

“21 years has flown by…I love helping people and always have. But also, I love the fire service in general. It’s a great brother hood that spans around the world…It has taught me not to take anything in life for granted. Lives can be changed without any notice.”

The Town of Pegram is proud to recognize Pegram Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief Brent Stuart as the Grand Marshal for the 2013 Independence Day Celebration- “Volunteerism in our Community”! Thank you, Brent and the Stuart family for your service and dedication!

Watch for more updates soon! Several games and events have changed. Including the addition of the “Jr. Firefighter Challenge” run by our own PVFD!

Vendor booths are still available, call 838-2217.

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