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Commission Moves Forward w/Harpeth Hills Drive Culvert Repair


The Kingston Springs City Commission met in regular session last week. All members were present.

Although the town is still awaiting a certified tax rate from the county, commissioners voted unanimously to approve the 2013-2014 budget on first reading. “Hopefully by the June meeting we’ll have a better understanding of what tax rate we have”, Mayor Tony Campbell said. The tax rate as of 1st reading is .86 per $100 of assessed value, which reflects a 2 cent increase over last year’s rate. There will be a public hearing at 7p.m. on June 20th before the June Commission meeting.

The Hydrology report (flood study) for Harpeth Hills Drive over Muddy Branch Creek was available for discussion. Several residents of the road Have expressed to the commission that the signage warning of road flooding is hurting their property values, and asked that the culvert be improved and the sign removed. The report states that “the corrugated metal pipe culverts show that the bottom of the culverts have started to corrode and rust creating a loss of section”. The report further states that raising the road bed would be very expensive, and would likely just cause flooding issues somewhere else. Also, replacing the culvert with the same metal culverts would only be a temporary fix, as the standing water would only once again cause corrosion. The final recommendation is to put a 14’ x 4’ concrete box culvert, which won’t stop the water that ponds in the area yards, but will likely keep the water from overtopping the road during normal rain events. Commissioners asked City Manager Laurie Cooper to move forward with design and estimates on the project. New signs have been ordered that state, “Watch For Water On Road”.

Commissioners Bob Stohler and Tony Gross would like to see a Farmer’s Market in Kingston Springs, and he’s been doing some research to figure out how. The plan is going to require more work, but it’s possible that by Fall there will be a trial run or 2. The proposed location is the Green Space on Harpeth View Trail, (where the homes were lost in the flood). Watch the S. C. Advocate for further developments.

Plans are being made to give City Hall and the Beck Town Meeting Hall some attention. There is $10,000 budgeted to work on the floors in City Hall, and do some remodeling in the Town meeting hall. The motion to move forward was unanimously approved.

The Kingston Springs City Commission meets the third Thursday of each month at the Beck Town Meeting Hall in downtown Kingston Springs.

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