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Kalisa Ewing: A Star is Shining Bright in the Woods Near Kingston Springs

Kalisa Ewing Bench25 year old Kalisa Ewing has worked hard for a little attention, and next week she’s going to get a lot of it! Kalisa will be making her Grand Ole Opry debut on May 31st at 7p.m.

If you listen to some of her music, you won’t be surprised that she’s going to take the big country music stage; her songwriting, her voice, the way her fingers make the guitar weep, all the perfect ingredients for a Nashville star! However this star is from right here in south Cheatham County. The Ranchettes to be exact, and that’s where she’s been for about 10 years working and waiting for this night! “It’s a ten year town, it takes a long time to make an imprint”, she said.

In fact, her success is fulfilling the dreams of two people, herself and her grandfather, blind musician Owen McCarty. He moved his family, including Kalisa’s mom Cheryl and her 5 brothers to Nashville from Wichita, Kansas to make it in Music City in 1970. He wrote songs and played at a downtown honky tonk called “Dusty Roads” for years, but never got the break he wanted. “He did what everybody else does, you keep going and trying till it finally starts making sense”, Kalisa said. He died before Kalisa was born, she never got to meet him, but “I definitely feel like I live out everyday working at Universal Music Publishing Group and writing professionally”, and playing the Opry is like “vicariously living out his dreams for both of us”, she said.

“I’m so excited about it. It’s everybody’s dream, any artist or musician or performer, and it’s very much of an honor. It’s a little surreal”, Kalisa reflected.

Hard work, timing and continuing to believe in yourself over the years are key ingredients to getting to this point she believes. Also, surrounding yourself with “good, positive influences makes a huge difference.”

Kellie Pickler, who just won Dancing with the Stars this week, is heading from the dance studio into the recording studio. She has also just cut one of Kalisa’s songs, “Where Did Your Love Go?”, and that won’t be the last Kalisa Ewing song to get picked up by a Music City star. With a little more hard work and timing, maybe we’ll even get to hear Kalisa sing her own songs right up to the top of the charts.

At you can download “Whatever” for free. It’s a great song about the curves life throws you, and the best attitude to tolerate them with. There are several more songs that you can listen to all you want as well.

You may want to start with “Bang”, and get a taste of her sultry, honey smooth lilt, “I was rolling out of Dickson, heading back to Kingston Springs”, she sings. You know the road, and you’re going to love the song. “I love Kingston Springs”, she said.

Kalisa is a very busy girl, a songwriter for Universal Music Publishing Group, and for KingSpirit Music. She will be appearing on the WSMV News and More at Mid Day show on the 31st, the same day as the Opry debut. She will also perform at the CMA Music Festival (Fanfair) on June 9th at 1p.m. on the ASCAP stage, and of course she’s on the road. For all other shows and information, go to her website

To get tickets for the big show, go to If you can’t go to the Opry show, you can download a free mobile app at The Opry is also streamed live on Kalisa expects to be on somewhere between 7 and 8 on the 31st.

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