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Police Staying Busy in Kingston Springs

a4On May 5th: a white male came out of the woods behind Lawrence Foods and cut and removed a copper pipe off of the back of the building. The pipe was part of the refrigeration units in the store. The thief took $200 worth of copper pipe, and cost $10,000 worth of damage and ruined food.

During the evening of May 10th, the alarm at Tropical Sun Tanning Salon was overheard and called police. Officer Jeremy Vaughn responded and found the back door to the location had been pried. Those responsible did not succeed in getting in, but they did approximately $200 damage to the back door.

On May 13th: a resident of Harpeth Meadows reported that a gas trimmer, weed eater and a nail gun were missing from his garage. The owner isn’t sure exactly when the items were stolen.

On May 18th: a white male came into Mapco and stole 3 cases of beer. He went outside and got into a pickup truck, and Mapco employees got the license plate number. The suspect (who is homeless according to his parents who recently moved to White Bluff from Clarksville) has been identified and warrants will be served.

On May 18th: 7 houses in the Hillcrest Rd. neighborhood were vandalized. They were spray painted with graffiti. Vaughn says he thinks they were most likely juveniles. There were also 2 vehicles that were spray painted, and some windows broken out of the homes that were vacant. Residents of the area are fed up, “first it was breaking windows and stealing mail. It has to stop”, one resident said. She added, “We are reeling from this horrible vandalism, and need help to stop this before, it gets so bad that we are afraid to come out of our homes.”

On May15th: at about 5a.m., on Woodcock Hollow in the Ranchettes, Lisa Dillard woke up to commotion in the house, and came out to find 3 men with ski masks holding her son Matt at gunpoint. She called 911. The men took a flat screen tv, Xbox, a safe containing cash and 1lb of marijuana. Matt allegedly admitted to investigators that he had been selling marijuana, and that this wasn’t the first time the house had been burglarized, he just hadn’t reported it before. They have not yet been found as of Wednesday of this week.

On Monday of this past week: a homeowner on South Harpeth Road was outside working on his lawn equipment. When he went back into his home he found a white male sleeping on the couch in his sunroom. His wife and children were in the house at the time, but had no idea when the man came in, or how long he had been there. When the homeowner woke up the unwanted visitor, he ran, leaving his wallet and identification behind. The Cheatham County Sherriff’s Department filed charges of aggravated criminal trespass against Kevin Patrick Overton, a convicted felon out of Davidson County. His record includes 2 theft charges, aggravated assault, evading arrest and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.­ He had not been located as of Wednesday.

If you have any information on any of these crimes, please call Officer Jeremy Vaughan at 615-952-9965, ext. 19.­

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