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Art Asbury: Editorial 5-31-13

SCAreadersSpeakOutMay is building Safety Month and it is near its end with Memorial Day at hand.

Building safety is an everyday issue and needs to be in mind for most building or remodeling projects. The State of Tennessee has adopted the International Building Codes and it applies to ALL in our State whether or not local Officials or jurisdictions let you know what is required. Loss of Life and property is often the result of codes compliance failures. Many of our Government layers have not used their offices in the Public Interest but have made Law and Codes something to avoid. Individual responsibility and compliance is what holds America together- If WE want a “law-abiding” and SAFE Nation, WE must TRY to COMPLY.

Codes, Ordinances and Zoning are not “user friendly” processes but that does not relieve US of our personal responsibility to each other in the interest of civility and orderly community. When WE ignore adopted codes, WE, in effect, take the rights of others and may place them at risk by unsafe practices.

See the link below for the new ICC permit brochure and encourage your readers to be informed.

Art Asbury


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