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Town of Pegram & Fire Department Working to Lower ISO’s


Pegram Volunteer Fire Department Chief Brent Stuart has been working for some time to secure property in the Pond Creek area for a substation.

He told the Board of Mayor and Aldermen recently that the owner of a 1/2 acre piece of property at the corner of Indian Springs Rd. and Little Pond Creek has decided to sell to the Town.

Stuart explained to the Board that the county’s new Fire Plan now includes Pegram, “We are now included in that plan, to get a new station built and also a used engine put in”, Stuart explained. He said that the property owner, Kathy Shield would sell the parcel for $5,290. He added that the piece is flat and will be easy to prepare for the building, and possible a wrap around driveway and hydrant for tank and shuttle operations for the area that is lacking in hydrants. Stuart asked the board to approve and pay for the purchase so that the town will own it. The fire plan allows for a station to be built (with County Funds) for about $115,000 and includes kitchen, office and bathrooms, (doesn’t include living quarters), and the county will also provide upkeep for the building, including utilities. Town Attorney Martha Brooke Perry told the board that they could lease the property to the county which would clear the way for them to build and maintain the station.

The low distribution of fire stations in the Pegram Rural Fire District has caused higher ISO ratings for the Department (not a good thing), and cost residents in those areas greatly in the form of higher homeowner’s insurance premiums, and longer response times.

The board approved the purchase of the land, and authorized Perry to draw up the agreement.

In other business:

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the 2013 – 2014 Budget on Final Reading. There was no discussion in the public forum before the meeting. Aldermen Warren Miller was absent.

Caroline Reynolds, Missy Bolt and Lisa Vetito from the Ark spoke to the Board about a possible $1500 donation to help fund the Meals on Wheels program, which covers the south Cheatham area through their site in the Pegram United Methodist Church. The request will be presented for vote at the June meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Pegram has renewed its agreement with Junior Pro League Football for the use and maintenance of Pegram Park. There were no changes made to the previous contract, and after receipt of the league’s certificate of liability insurance.

Moisture and ventilation issues at both Town Hall and the Fire Station will finally be addressed. The board approved a bid from Gobbel Hayes Partners for $14,743.

Vice Mayor Bill Herbert asked that a contract be drawn up by Attorney Perry between the Town and Neel-Shaffer, “which will require their performance and protect the Town”, Herbert said, concerning renovations planned for the wastewater plant. Mayor Charles Morehead stated that there have been issues with the firm, where “we get a price on one thing , and when we get a bill its something different. We can not continue to do that on every job that they do for us”, especially he added, one as costly as the plant rehab. The board agreed and Perry was instructed to draw up the document.

The Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets in regular session on June 27th at 7p.m. in Town Hall.

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