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Pegram Emergency Neighborhood Contact Program


Do you live in the city limits of the Town of Pegram and still haven’t filled out your Emergency Neighborhood Contact Form? You’ll have a chance to fill out the form and have fun doing it at the Annual 2013 Pegram Independence Day Celebration OR the Pegram Community Club Bar-B-Q. The Pegram Emergency Management Agency will be hosting booths at both locations this year. Two years ago a volunteer Emergency Neighborhood Contact Program was implemented by the Pegram Emergency Management Board.

Pegram, like most small towns, is a caring community. Even when you don’t know your closest neighbor’s name, let a crisis happen at your home and those neighbors will surround you with compassion and offers of support and help. This fact has been proven over and over again in past few years during the times of flooding, hail and wind storms. The Emergency Neighborhood Contact Program along with the volunteer Zone Coordinators have also proven the value of pre-planning and knowing your neighbors.

WHAT is a Zone Coordinator?

WHAT do they do?

WHY do I care?

A Zone Coordinator is a person who volunteers in the Town of Pegram to be a communication link between an assigned area (zone) within their community and emergency management personnel in the time of a local emergency /disaster. In a local emergency/disaster situation, the Zone Coordinator acts as the eyes/ears of the emergency management personnel.

In a local emergency/disaster, the Zone Coordinator will make contact with residents within their assigned zone to determine needs as well as relay pertinent information from emergency personnel. A Zone Coordinator will be activated only in a local emergency/disaster that involves the community. If a resident has a personal emergency, they should call 911 – not the Zone Coordinator!

The Pegram Neighborhood Emergency Contact Program is a voluntary program. No one is required to participate. There are many potential emergencies that can affect each one of us every day. Being prepared and knowing you are a part of a caring and prepared community makes getting on with life a little easier. Won’t you be a part of your community?

So, if you haven’t filled out your emergency form or just want more information come by the Pegram Emergency Management Agency booth at the Pegram Independence Day Celebration OR at the Pegram Community Club Bar-B-Q on July 4th. We look forward to seeing you.

For more information contact Lou Chambers: 615-646-1627.

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