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Pegram Continues Preparing for New Fire Hall

ahatThe Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen met in regular session Thursday night. Eugene Evans was absent.

Fire Chief Brent Stuart reported to the board that the fire department received the state forestry grant that they had applied for. The grant is a 50/50 match grant for a total of about $5800.00. Stuart said that the department will be buying some new equipment with the grant. The board voted to approve the grant.

Stuart also reported that the County Commission’s Capital Improvement committee met and approved the County Fire Plan last week. Following that the County Commission reconvened their adjourned meeting from earlier in June, and did the same. The plan would get all areas of the county to at least an 8B ISO rating or lower, lowering insurance premiums in some cases by hundreds of dollars.

Needed capital improvements to accomplish the plan include 3 (possibly 4) new fire stations: one in the Thomasville area; one on Cedar Hill Rd. to be manned by Kingston Springs; and on Pond Creek Rd. to be manned by Pegram, at a proposed cost of $115,000 each if land is donated. 3 used engines and 2 used tankers would also be needed bringing the total cost to approximately $995,000, (if land has to be purchased).

“The county will be providing the building on this property that we’re hopefully going to purchase. They will provide it, they’re going to maintain it, they’re going to pay the utilities”, Stuart explained.

Discussion followed about the piece of property that the town is planning to purchase for the location of the fire hall. ½ acre is what was previously discussed, but aldermen want to plan for the future and the possible addition of an ambulance bay, and EMS station on the property. The board approved purchasing at least the ½ acre piece for the price of $5290, and purchase up to a full acre for $10,580 pending agreement of the landowner, as well as cost of a survey and closing costs.

The Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen meet in regular session on the last Thursday of each month at 7p.m. in town hall. They also meet in workshop format on the second Thursday of each month, also at 7p.m.

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