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25yr Kingston Springs Mail Carrier Bobby Bristol Retires


After 25 years serving Kingston Springs, Bobby Bristol has retired as of July 11th, 2013. “It is a sad and happy time, and I have made some really wonderful friends, that I am going to miss!”, Bobby said this week.

Since Bobby has run all 4 mail routes in Kingston Springs at one time or another during his tenure, most residents have met him, and probably enjoyed his smile and fun sense of humor. Other’s will remember him for his many other skills, “I have helped get calf’s back in fences, gotten medicine for my hardship customers, helped pull cars out of ditches, fixed TV’s, the list goes on and on,” Bobby said. “Rural Mail carriers do a lot more than people ever see and still get there jobs done”, he added.

Also during those 25 years, Bobby has “seen many changes in the Postal service and LOTS of changes in OUR Town of Kingston Springs”, he said.

“I want to thank all of my customers, for their patience, kindness, and for not killing me when their package was late”, he added.

After 25 years as a mail carrier Bobby certainly deserves the rest, but he explains, “the main reason I am retiring is complications from knee surgery in March”. He added that although his is better, “the knee will not allow me to do my duties.”

“Good Bye to all, I will see some of you from time to time. Thanks for everything”.

Thank you Bobby Bristol, for the smiles.

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