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Cindy Chadwick: Editorial 7-19-13

SCAreadersSpeakOutA great deal has already been said in response to Mr. Lundwall’s letter regarding Kingston Springs’ ordinance targeting the property of one specific resident, but I’d like to extend the discussion in a new direction.

I thoroughly agree with the previously stated sentiments and would like to ask the following:

Instead of creating new ordinances to cover the aesthetics of one individual’s private property, why don’t we focus on enforcing existing laws that protect the aesthetics of everyone’s private property? Here we are, all focused on what one piece of property looks like, filled as it is with classic vehicles, while people are throwing their trash out on other people’s property and in the roads right and left. The problem extends across our entire area.

In the Ranchettes alone, we have the Sonic fan who throws out at least one Sonic cup on someone’s property every day. We have the McDonald’s-mom/dad who lets her/his child routinely throw out their Happy Meal wrappings on private property. Then there is the Ice House beer drinker who throws beer bottles out every single day. Quart size.

That’s a comforting thought, isn’t it? Your children riding on the same road with the person who has just downed that? Until the grass got too high this summer to pick them up, we picked up quart-sized Icehouse beer bottles every day off of the side of Treanor Springs Road (and occasionally other roads.) I spotted one favored toss-heap that was too far onto someone’s property to tread in order to pick the bottles up. From the side of the road, I counted over twenty beer bottles..the Icehouse beer drinker’s own personal dump site on someone else’s property.

And people are worried about a bunch of classic cars? Really?

Most of us who live in this area chose to do so because of its natural beauty. Want to talk about eye sores, then let’s talk about the people who toss their trash out on the side of the road (a.k.a. onto other people’s property.) What? They can’t wait the 3 minutes until they get home? Do they not have trash cans at home? What do they do with their household trash?

If a person suffers from some sort of OCD need to immediately remove trash from their sight, then I have a tip for them. Hook a plastic grocery bag over one of your interior car door handles. Neatly tuck your trash in the bag, out of sight, and when you get home toss the bag into your trash can.

C’mon, folks, we’re better than this! Do we really need to rely on laws and ordinances to teach us not to treat our roadways and our neighbors’ properties like one giant trash can? Have we become so robotic that we can drive through astounding beauty and not even see it? Become so oblivious to our surroundings that we can scatter our trash across this remarkable landscape without awareness of what we are doing?

If this letter pricks anyone’s conscience, then know that absolution is possible! Join those of us who want to preserve the beauty of this area. Stop throwing litter out the vehicle window and start picking it up off your road instead. You get to be an agent-of-change, and you get to live in a more beautiful place. It’s a win-win.

Cindy Chadwick

Kingston Springs

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