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Kingston Springs Summertime Crime

crimeOn the morning of July 13th on LoAnn Avenue in Kingston Springs (off Simms Heights). The house is for sale and is empty, and sometime in the two weeks before the call came in the house was broken into through the window of basement door. While they were inside the basement they spray painted the walls and knocked out light bulbs, and then they went outside and spray painted the garage door and knocked over the mailbox.

On Hillcrest Dr. on July 14th during the night a trailer with a Cub Cadet riding mower on it was stolen. The thieves drove through the owner’s backyard and out someone else’s yard onto a different street.The mower was valued at $1700, the black trailer at $400.

On July 15th on Mt. Pleasant Rd. near Simms Heights a resident found the passenger side door of his car open, (it had not been locked). The glove box had been ransacked and about 30 CD’s were taken, a hunting kit containing hunting knives and equipment, and an overnight kit with personal items and medicine was also taken.

Also recently a Patterson Dr. resident returned home after being away from home for a few months, and reported $20,000 missing from a safe in the house.

There are no leads in any of these cases. Police would remind you to keep your car doors locked.

If you see something suspicious call police. If your gut feeling tells you that something isn’t right, it usually isn’t. Call Cheatham County non-emergency dispatch at 792-2098 to report ANY suspicious activity, the sooner you call the sooner officers can get there.

Officer Jeremy Vaughan, Kingston Springs Police Department Office: 615-952-9965 ext.19

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