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Tracy Hardcastle: Editorial 7-19-13


In regards to the” Andy Sullivan” case, WHAT??, Kingston Springs has gotten too big for it’s britches. Money has moved here, and that’s all the city wants here. Do we live in the land of the free, or just more free than other countries ?

Mr. Sullivan is a working man with a hobby. His yard and property are well kept. It is definitely not an eyesore.

The real question is who as our elected local officials are in agreement with the ridiculous codes that are being forced on Mr. Sullivan? I say we need to start paying attention to who we (as land owning, tax payers) are electing into office, from judges, sheriffs, mayors, council members and so on. They are all elected “by the people for the people”, not for just some of the people.

I would challenge anyone in an elected position to openly stand up for Mr. Sullivan’s rights in a public forum.


Tracy Hardcastle

Kingston Springs

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