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Enya, A Shelter Cat : Editorial 7-24-13

Dear Editor,
I turn one year old this month. Everyone has been coming in and saying “Happy Birthday, Enya!” You’re probably saying “Congratulations!” Except, it’s not a happy day for me — you see, I’m a shelter kitten, correction, a shelter cat. Very few people look at the cats in the shelter; they go for the cute, cuddly kittens. The younger the better, or so they think. I hear them when they come in to the shelter, “Do you have any kittens?” If the answer is “no,” they don’t take the time to look at the others like me. And the volunteers at the shelter sing high praises about us cats, but so many visitors have their mind set on a kitten. Can’t they see that we older cats are smart, playful, full of love and looking for someone to share our lives with? Don’t get me wrong, we get love from the volunteers at the shelter, but they are here only so long during the day and they have so much to do and so many cats to love. It’s just not the same as having a family of your own to love you. Oh, to have the freedom to roam around a real home, looking for a sunny place to sleep, or a warm lap to curl up in. This is my dream. If you think it’s bad for me, there are cats who have been here longer than me. They came in as older cats and no one even stops at their cages. Please, would you help us and print my letter, so when people are looking to add an animal to their home, they adopt from a shelter, and take time to look at the older animals? We make great companions for humans of all ages. Thank you for listening to me. Maybe after this is printed, my family will find me.

Enya, A Shelter Cat
Cheatham Co. Animal Control
2797 Sam’s Creek Road
Pegram, TN  37143

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