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Mark & Tricia Bengel: Editorial 7-24-13

SCAreadersSpeakOutOver the past weeks I have read several “letters to the editor” speaking of government over-reach concerning the actions being taken against Mr. Sullivan’s property on Mt. Pleasant.  I fully understand Mr. Sullivan’s love of old cars; I enjoy restoring old motorcycles myself.  However, when you end up with 20-25 old cars in various states of disrepair, along with disembodied doors, wheels and other parts strewn around a property, you have probally earned the title “junk yard”.   The problem here is that Mr. Sullivan “pursuit of happiness” is having a negative impact on his neighbors happiness, and their property values.  The vast majority of people in Kingston Springs have worked hard for the investments they have made in their homes and they maintain them with great pride.  This is not about government over-reach, it is about a town reacting to the legitimate concerns of neighbors trying to protect the beauty of their community and the value of their homes.

Mark & Tricia Bengel
Kingston Springs

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