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Kingston Springs Commission Meeting: UPDATE


The Kingston Springs City Commission met in regular session last Thursday. All members were present.

Commissioner Tony Gross reported on a meeting held earlier this month to get more information on the feasibility of a Farmer’s Market for Kingston Springs. The meeting included Ronnie Barron from the UT & TSU Agricultural Extension Service. “He provided a lot of information on how to move forward with it and the types of things we might encounter”, Gross told commissioners. He added that if things continue to come together, the Farmer’s market will start next spring, and will be held on the property along Harpeth View Trail where 3 homes washed away during the flood in May 2010. Gross and other commissioners are working with the Parks Advisory Board to bring it all together.

Gross said later that he has learned a great deal about the benefits these types of markets can bring to a community. “They bring a source of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat to people who may not have the ability to travel longer distances for them, and a way for everyone to eat locally and support local people.” If you would like more information, contact Tony Gross at, or call him at (615) 415-2200.

The commission approved a 3% sewer rate increase. This is an annual increase.

Commissioners were given a copy of the Fire Plan recently approved and funded by the County Commission. Staff asked that the commissioners study the plan, get with Chief Bubba Ivy and City Manager Laurie Cooper with their questions, and then funnel their comments through Cooper so that they can get a full understanding of the cost/benefit to local residents.

Bids were awarded:

• TN Valley Paving was declared the apparent low bidder and awarded the Mt. Pleasant Rd. paving project for a bid of $183,843.50, which is under the amount budgeted.

• Concrete Structures was declared the apparent low bidder and awarded the Harpeth Hills Dr. bridge construction project for $48,925, which was higher than what was budgeted.

Dianna Shew was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board of Zoning Appeals.

The Kingston Springs City Commission meets the third Thursday of each month at 7p.m. in the Beck Town Meeting Hall in downtown Kingston Springs.

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