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Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meet


The Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen met in regular session last week. All members were present.

There will be a 3% increase in the sewer rate. This is an annual increase by ordinance, and should mean approximately a $1 increase in most resident’s monthly bill.

The town will seal and stripe the Pegram United Methodist Church parking lot. The town currently has a 20 year lease on the parking lot (for $10) for use by Little League, Jr. Pro football, July 4th celebration and any other big event at the park, “We need to keep the parking lot I believe”, Mayor Charles Morehead said. He also explained that according to the lease, the church will pay for maintenance of the parking lot. He also explained that the lease expires in February of 2016, and suggested that the town pay to seal and stripe it this time as a rent payment with an agreement to extend the lease for another 20 years. In that agreement the town would also assume responsibilty of future sealing and striping of the parking lot as needed for those 20 years. Warren Miller, who is a member of the church said that he didn’t think the church would have a problem. Attorney Martha Brooke Perry was instructed to draw up an agreement to that effect for approval next month.

Some of the equipment by the old firehall in the park is not in good shape. Several of the pieces are wooden and some, if not all of the wooden posts “have rotted about halfway through or more”, Morehead said. He also explained that mulch is very expensive and the town has to replace it every few years because the playground is on a hill. While they get some information about what can be done to change the playground and solve some of those issues. The portion of the playground with the rotted posts is closed due to safety concerns.

The board unanimously approved a $1500 donation to Meals on Wheels, serving south Cheatham.

The Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets in regular session the final Thursday of each month at 7:00p.m.

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