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Steve Lundwall: Editorial 08-03-13

The battle continues. Is it government’s responsibility to pass judgment on your own personal hobbies? Are you sure all of YOURS would be considered ‘acceptable’? Freedom means that others get to do things that you would not necessarily choose to do yourself. Live and let live.

The city continues to prosecute and persecute Mr. Sullivan because he enjoys old cars. [Please contribute to the Andy Sullivan Defense Fund at either of the Community Bank branches.] I see other yards with evidence of their hobbies and interests. When does the city come after you?  By the way, the city never has supplied the new ordinance to me. Do they have the right to ignore citizens? I know they don’t have the right to ignore the Sunshine Law.

I am sensitive to people’s aesthetic values. Hence the old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. But this is the very reason that government should not be charged with enforcing subjective judgment. I personally think there are some truly ugly motorcycles out there. I won’t be owning or riding one but I don’t think it is the government’s responsibility to protect my vision from them.

And the argument about property values is specious. Two very nice homes within sight of Mr. Sullivan’s just sold in record time. Who you vote for has a much greater impact on the overall economy, jobs, and house values than anything any single one of us is doing in our yards. So let’s dispel that fallacy.

Not everyone lives off the road far enough where nothing sitting in our yards is visible to the public. I hope no one is suggesting that those folks with houses more visible to the public have fewer rights than those of us in the woods. Is anyone suggesting the city start sending out surveyors to canvas every yard be they visible or not in order to equitably enforce the law? Why should you be able to enjoy your hobby just because there is a strategically placed tree?

So, please contribute to the Andy Sullivan Defense Fund at Community Bank. You may not think this affects you – but it does.


Steve Lundwall
Kingston Springs

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