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Homer R. Dodson: Editorial 08-10-13

To the Editor:

I humbly respond to Michael Lottman’s letter of last week as follows:

You mean to say that President Obama visited Chattanooga two week’s ago?  That’s probably the cheapest trip since his Presidency.  Why wasn’t he spending millions on vacations and golf as usual?  Oh!  I get it.  Maybe his wife did.

How did you know the trip was real?  He says his scandals are phony so maybe his Chattanooga trip was too.

You moan that Senator Alexander couldn’t attend that Chattanooga trip because of some flimsy excuse.  Maybe he was busy helping a non – profit organization that I’m involved in that lost its tax exemption because the IRS says they never received the 990 filings on about 3,000 similar organizations for a same three year period.

Thank you, Senator Alexander, for helping us during these past few weeks.

Mr. Lottman, you talk about mental midgets.  I busted out laughing.  I nearly pulled a charley horse.  Let me get the Tea party top leaders to turn in their college transcripts if you will get President Obama to turn in his.  Let’s compare.

Huh, Mr. Lottman?  Can you do it?  I think I can but betcha you can’t.

You mention decent healthcare.  Surely you don’t mean Obamacare.  I hear the unions don’t want it.  I hear the head of the IRS said he didn’t want it.  I hear Congress doesn’t want it.  I heard the President say that once you get on it you will like it.

That gives me an idea.  Can you recruit liberals to try and test Obamacare for two years?  Let Nancy Pelosi be in the lead.

You brought up skin color.  You said President Obama isn’t white.  Neither am I or you.  If you took his arm and placed it beside someone from India or Mexico, it would be the same shade of brown.

We are all shades of brown and those shades developed by tribes separated by languages and restricted gene pools until recently.  We are all one blood.

I’m not surprised you used the race card.  Liberals do that.


Homer R. Dodson

Of East Belltown

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