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Harpeth High School News

Mission statement: Harpeth High School provides a safe learning community which challenges its students academically, artistically, and athletically.

We empower our students to become life-long learners who possess integrity and wisdom.

Beliefs about learning and instruction: We believe that teachers need to be periodically in-serviced in their subject area to learn innovative student-oriented techniques.

Scholarship opportunities:;;

FREE practice for the SATs at

Welcome back, students!!! We have completed our first week of the 2013-2014 school year. We hope you have obtained information on all of your classes so that you may be prepared for next week. Welcome to all parents, teachers and staff members, too! We are very optimistic as we look forward to a new school year.





















We would like to welcome Donna Edens back to Harpeth High!! Mrs. Edens had previously worked at Harpeth for several years in the main office as a very valuable aide. She is replacing Mrs. Oakley in the attendance office. Welcome back, Mrs. Donna!! We are glad to have you back.

There are new prices for students’ meals this year. Breakfast has been changed to $1.75 and lunch to $2.75. Please plan accordingly.

HHS student dress code: Based on the need to address a

community standard and focus on academic learning, students’ safety, and the workplace, HHS will enforce the following dress code. It is expected that students clothing should be in good taste, sized appropriately(not too tight or too baggy), having no holes revealing skin or undergarments above the knees, not revealing in cut, fit or consistency of material.

*Clothing should have no inappropriate messages or graphics.

*Hats or other head-gear and sunglasses are not permitted to be worn in the building.

*Shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. must not be shorter than 3 inches from the knee all the way around the skirt.

*Halter tops, strapless shirts, off the shoulder tops, and TANK TOPS are not permitted.

*Undergarments are required and should not be visible at any time.

Cleavage and/or skin at the waist(front and back) should not be visible at any time. Every student is required to wear shirts/tops/sweaters that extend below their waistline.

*Pants must fit around the waist and shall not be excessively baggy or allow undergarments to be exposed. (Tennessee Sate Law.) *No holes or visible worn spots on pants above the knee.

*Pajama bottoms and house slippers are not permitted. *No long/over-sized coats of any type should be worn during the school day.

These items should be placed in the locker.

*Students are not allowed to wear gang, or racially/ethnically inflammatory style, or sexually oriented clothing, colors, symbols, jewelry, etc. Chains attached to clothing are not permitted.

Upcoming events: Back to School Bash tomorrow, August 17 at HHS; HHS football: Jamboree at Hickman County tonight at 8:00

For high school success: It is important that you understand the academic requirements for Harpeth High School. If you need any clarification about these requirements, consult your counselor, Mrs. Chase or Mrs. Holley. If you are a senior or freshman, Mrs. Holley will be your counselor. Mrs. Chase will be working with the sophomores and juniors. The guidance secretary, Mrs. Fisher, is also willing to help you.

Ways to conquer stress: Starting at the top of your head, flex, and then relax each part of your body.

Quote of the week: “It is worth a thousand pounds a year to have the habit of looking on the brighter side of things.” Samuel Johnson

Have a great school year here at Harpeth High School!

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