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Letters to the Editor 08-17-13

SCAreadersSpeakOutWhile many of us worry about terrorist, we should be just as concerned with the drone strikes we use to attack them. These attacks fuel their hatred for the USA. Years ago I wrote a published letter that addressed these concerns. It was a point I heard few speaking about. And now during this recent situation with threats in Yemen I am beginning to hear the dialog I have longed to hear. Our actions have reactions. Understanding this and using diplomacy is the best way through our problems. Our bombs and drones will only bring on more acts of terrorism. Fear and hatred will only lead us astray.

Ita Hardesty Mason
Kingston Springs

To the Editor:

I humbly respond to former Austin Peay classmate, Gene Davidson’s letter on immigration reform as follows:

You state that the newly legal immigrants will have to, “…go to the back of the line.” Why? They are often in front of the line now. Why should they want to go backwards? Many of their kids are nearly ready to vote. Knowwhutimean?

I nearly pulled a Charley horse again when you said that they would pay fines and settle taxes they owe our nation. That’s one of the last things they want to do even if they have the money. Maybe Obama’s stash can pay it for them. Maybe they can get an Obama phone. I hear there’s millions of those phones.

Too late! They probably already got one.

You state that immigration reform as proposed by liberals would, “…put in place the toughest border security plan that the United States has ever seen.” Don’t tell Attorney General Eric (Fast and Furious) Holder. You know him? He’s the one that was not involved in running guns to the Mexican drug lords. Any time a state toughens up, he beats them down.

(Cough) This global cooling is giving me a cold.

Mr. Davidson, you may have overlooked one key important matter. I think the immigration reform makes the immigrants wait for years to vote. Surely a good judge will rule that as unjust and let them vote pronto. A Senator like Charles (Chucky) Schumer surely would make that case.

That’s important because with the new voters, the dead in key cities will not have to rise and march to the polls on Election Day. Some will probably want to anyway. Habits are tough to break.

Hey! It’s a free country. Knowwhutimean.

Homer R. Dodson
Of East Belltown


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