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Are you planning on retiring soon and will have extra time on your hands?  Are all the kids gone or in college now and you feel lost?  Have you recently moved to Cheatham County and would like to meet new people and make new friends?  Do you like to garden, but just don’t quite know where to start?  Would you like to learn how to grow your own vegetables?  Interested in learning how to prune your trees?

Joining the Cheatham County Master Gardeners Club could  be the answer to all of the above.   The UT Extension Office of Cheatham County is sponsoring a new class for Master Gardeners in Cheatham County beginning in September.   Students will be furnished a Tennessee Master Gardener Handbook containing extensive information on basic botany, soils, water, vegetables, fruit, using pesticides, insect control, disease control, organic gardening, composting, herbs, wildlife, and much more.  This is a 7 week course and students will receive research based information from UT experts and Master Gardeners knowledgeable on these subjects.

After finishing the course, students become interns for one year and work side by side with fellow Master Gardeners on various projects in Cheatham County.  These projects include maintenance of flowers and shrubbery at the Ashland City Library and the Library at Kingston Springs.  A flower bed at Sycamore School is another project cared for by the Cheatham County Master Gardeners and they also care for a wild flower garden on the Turkey Junction Walking Trail.  A new project in 2013 is the building and maintenance of flower beds at both entrances of the Cheatham County Fairgrounds.  The Master Gardeners help every year at the Cheatham County fair logging in produce, enjoying the smiles on the young farmers’ faces as they hope for a blue ribbon.

Life as a Master Gardener is not all work.  Sharing ideas and gardening wisdom at monthly meetings is a must.  Speakers at the meetings on subjects such as growing strawberries, keeping bees and gardening tips from Master Gardeners give insight for future use.  The Master Gardeners Club also schedules many informative outings during the year.  These outings include a visit to a beautiful hosta garden in Nashville and a trip to pick blueberries in Springfield.  A Christmas party including husbands, wives and/or significant others tops off the year for the Master Gardeners.

So, if you would like to learn more about gardening, have spare time on your hands, and/or are looking for something different now that the kids have left home, now is the time to consider becoming a Cheatham County Master Gardener.  Join the class beginning in September.  For more information on the upcoming class contact Sierra Ham at the Cheatham County UT Extension office at 792-4420.  Happy gardening!

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