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Editorials: Andy Sullivan 09/14/13

SCAreadersSpeakOutWell my lawyer says the city wants to come back and inspect my cars. I have been told that I must start all my cars that I want to keep including the ones I drive every day. I have 19 tagged and 5 more I can tag but tagging cars as I have been told for years to do, doesn’t work anymore. I can’t build on to my garage per codes that would stop this whole deal but I can’t. There is SEMA that helps to change the law to where you can have cars hidden by a fence or trees out of public view, it’s a state law already been changed in KY. We need this state law in TN. It doesn’t seem right that I have to start my everyday car or truck. What do you think? Thanks for all the support. I would like to see the public get fired up again about this.

Andy Sullivan
Kingston Springs TN 37082

PS Thanks to the South Cheatham Advocate for printing these stories.

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