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Editorials: Homer Dodson 09/14/13

SCAreadersSpeakOutTo the Editor:

I address this to Bladder Mere Pootin, Dictator of Russia. Do you still have gas or what? No wonder you seem to be in a strained face. I think I’d change my name to John Smithagrad or something.

What draws you and your nation to the Middle East? Is your eye cast upon a despised speck that is an apple in the eye of Someone else?

Is your eye welded and glazed and glued to take a spoil? You just made the clever move to grab leadership with the Arab world.

Do you now see Western leaders of old as yawning spectators without motivation or energy and a leader of a younger debt burdened nation that easily thanks you for deliverance from a jam brought on by his massive incompetence? He now owes you and if the time comes, he will do nothing some more.

Are you just the one to take charge of weapons of mass destruction with an eye that winks to your friendly Syria? You must be rolling in the floor with convulsive laughter to even think that world leaders would trust you in such a perplexing and serious situation.

Homer R. Dodson

Of East Belltown

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