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Editorials: Roy Lee 09/14/13



At my age of 68 I think back sometimes of the dogs I have had during my lifetime. I think of the joy, companionship, and love they gave me as a boy growing up. Several were hunting dogs and many dogs were just strays that came and went on their merry way. I have come to think there is nothing like a dog. In my opinion no other animal loves me like a dog. I am sure I am not alone in this thinking as many of you have a loving dog by your side everyday. Count your lucky stars for that is a blessing in the skies!! Those who miss this loving relationship have, in my opinion, just missed part of living. Yes you have to take care of a dog but the rewards are amazing!!

Now I have had good old boy Curley, a Golden Retriever mix, for nearly 12 years. Come November 15th he will be 12. He has been by my side and rode all over this Country for over a decade. He is always close to my heart which brings me to the Kingston Springs Animal Hospital. Curley ingested 500 mg of an arthritis human medication (naproxen), by accident, for 3 days straight and became very sick. I was extremely upset as you can imagine! I was by his side night and day ( he has been by my side night and day) and at first did not know what was wrong until I did some research.

I took him (a pretty old dog) to Kingston Springs Animal Hospital and informed the staff what had happened. They started treating him immediately, gave me instructions on what to give him daily, but said there was no sure thing. Curley returned for several days for IV fluids and I was up at night caring for him. Little by little he started to improve. He ate no food for 5 days but lucky he did take water. Lucky he has now fully recovered. He still loves to playa little ball and rides with me anytime I can take him!

I got a taste of how much I really love him and realize what a loss it will be when he really has to go. He has been a wonderful friend to me and me to him and we still get to share that everyday right now. I would like to send a special thank you to Dr. Shew

and his staff at Kingston Springs Animal Hospital for all your love for animals and your heart felt treatment for my dog Curley. You truly do a wonderful job, your genuine caring is apparent and you folks are in the right place where you should be. God bless you all and there are not words to express my gratitude.


In Dog Love,

Roy Lee



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